I Fell Off the Wagon(s)

The Blogging Wagon – the Running Wagon – the Reading Wagon!  Ay-yi-yi. Yep – it’s been that kind of 10 weeks. Holy cow…I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks since my last post.  I am really sorry y’all…I hope you didn’t give up on me!!!  And for those of you who stuck around…I’m coming back…with a vengeance!  I have lots of fun ideas/posts coming your way to document this year!

So what exactly’s been going on with me?  Everything!  We moved from the US to Canada.  And by that, I mean it started a whole chain of events!! And it literally went like this in the blink of an eye: “Goodbye 2013 & Hello Canada!”


We trained for the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon, flew to Canada for a week for house-hunting, flew to Memphis to run the St. Jude, Race was canceled due to weather, drove five hours back to Louisiana, put our home up for sale, sold our home in 24 hours!, packed our belongings, ate LOTS of Cajun food in preparations for leaving the great south, said goodbye to Louisiana and lots of our now life-long friends!, put our cat in an airline travel carrier, flew with cat from LA to WV (his first flight ever!), spent the holidays at home with family, fought the nasty flu, flew with the cat from WV to Canada, successfully passed the border exam (<–kidding!) successfully crossed the border with our new Work Visas, signed the lease on our condo, officially relocated to Canada, unpacked our belongings, spent New Years Eve drinking Canadian red wine, got new drivers licenses (<– no smiling allowed, REALLY!), started work in Canada, attended our first work party (<– Vintage Carnival theme!), took our first weekend trip (<– to Banff and Lake Louise)…AND….I think I captured everything to date!  Except for….my 3-year Blogiversary!  Yep, it’s been a full three years since my first blog post HERE on January 19, 2011.


Some exciting stats for me, seeing as this blog started small – and by no means is it huge – but it’s mine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

  • 347 Posts
  • 235 Followers (<– You guys are AWESOME!!!)
  • 33,063 Views! (Yowza – thanks for stopping by!)

Some things to remember from 2013:

Some things to look forward to in 2014:

  • Calgary Half Marathon (June 01, 2014) – Posts on Training and getting back in shape!
  • An American in Calgary: 365 Days (Photo Project!)
  • Crossing off items on my Calgary Bucket List!



4 thoughts on “I Fell Off the Wagon(s)

  1. Welcome to Calgary, Jen! Sounds like quite the adventurous month already! What wave of Hypothermic are you in? A bunch of local bloggers are running the early start so if you are too – we should definitely arrange for a bloggy meetup!

    • Hello again! Thanks for the note 🙂 I am actually not running the Hypothermic this year…bummer, right?! I was so inconsistent with working out during the whole move process, that I knew my body wouldn’t be ready for it. I would LOVE to come out and support (and meet!) the bloggers though!!! I am planning on the Calgary Half in June. Are there any other races in/around the area you think I should target?

    • Hello! Thanks for the note 🙂 Loving Calgary so far…the weather has been unusually warmer than I expected! But it looks like we’re getting lots of snow today!!! We checked out the Ice Magic Festival this past weekend – had a blast!!! Saw on your blog that you went the week before – glad you also had a great time!

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