365 photos for 1 year

I’ve recently moved to a new country (Canada, Eh!), and am regularly asked from folks at home to share some pictures!  It has now been 4 weeks….I have yet to share many pics.  So it got me thinking…what is best way to document my time here?  I need inspiration…I need prompts…and I need a challenge!  And the answer came to me as I was catching up on some friends’ blog posts (inspiration found HERE) – why not join the 365 Project?!  The idea behind a 365 Project – in simple terms – is that you take a photo a day for a year.  At the end of the project you have an awesome photo journal for the year!  I decided this was the perfect medium to document my first year in Canada, but thought it would also be a great way to share days/memories with friends.  It is an easy way to capture everyday moments in life!  So I sent out an email to a few friends asking if they would like to join in this endeavour with me…and voila…”An American in Calgary: 365 Days” was born!  I signed up (for FREE!) on 365Project.org and asked those who wanted to join me to send me their user name so that I could follow.  {You can do the same…just leave your user name in the comments below!}

You can point your camera toward the everyday moments of your life or create a theme for your daily photos.  You might use only your phone or stick to a dSLR.  The point is…you will improve your photography…you will document the beauty of life…and you will slow down and notice the details!  You will have days that are filled with inspiration and days when you struggle to create a photo.  You may miss a day. Or two. Or five.  And that’s okay.  There are no 365 police.  No one will judge you or kick you out of the 365 club if you don’t do it perfectly.  At the end of the year you will have a collection of amazing photos of your life.  A treasure of memories of YOUR LIFE as ONLY YOU can see it.  And THAT, is amazing!

You can start on any day you like…but I chose February 01, 2014 to begin documenting my everyday life as a Calgarian.  I have scoured the web for inspiration…and although there are lots of ideas out there, I finally decided to try my hand at my own “perspective.”  My monthly inspiration came from the blog Fat Mum Slim, with her post on Perspective.

They say it takes 28 days to make something a habit.  So let’s test that theory…here’s to the first 28 days of my 365 Project! 



The prompts really are up to your own interpretation.  Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules – do as you please!  In case you want to know what I’m thinking when I create the prompt – see my thoughts below:

  1. YOU: 2014 is the year of the selfie, so take one.  Or get creative and share a part of you, your shadow, a reflection in a shop window, a photo of a photo…
  2. Sky:  Clouds, looking up, sunrise, sunset, Blue, through the trees, rain, etc.
  3. Motion: walking.  birds in flight.  a bicycle. dancing.  a blur of movement. trickling water.
  4. Outside: Nature, wildlife, looking “outside”,  thinking “outside the box!”, coloring outside the lines, weather/elements
  5. Behind: It’s always good to look ahead of you…but what’s behind you?  Snap it! 
  6. From Above: Take a photo looking down from somewhere.
  7. From Below: Take a photo looking up from somewhere.
  8. Inside: Looking from a door/window, inside a jar, an unwrapped gift, a peek into your closet/purse, through bars, a view into your office or favorite room in your home.
  9. Words: As you go about your day, look for words, then take a photo!  Office Name Plate, Sign, Handwriting, Graffiti, Book, etc.
  10. Night: night sky, moon, street lamps, darkness, etc.
  11. Cozy: cuddled-up on a couch, fabric, your pet, a baby,
  12. Transportation: walking, wheels, bus, car, in-flight
  13. Pattern: Could be in an outfit you are wearing, a repeating pattern you notice,
  14. Half: Take a photo of half of something (profile, food, inanimate object).  Feeling sentimental?  It could be…Your Better Half on this Valentine’s Day 🙂 
  15. Eye-Level: Look straight ahead…and snap what you see!
  16. In-Between:  Look for some nooks and crannies….a favorite book between two others…a path between 2 objects…a clothesline between 2 poles?!
  17. Straight Line: I’m sure this one will be easy to find…there are lines all around us!  Be sure to capture something that really represents where you are at this point in time!
  18. Time: You can take this literally and post a pic of the time, a clock, a date stamp.  You can also try “through time” progressive photos, childhood memory, “time to eat”, etc.  
  19. Brick: Brick Red…something heavy…architecture…a building…brick texture…a brick wall…a yellow brick road…
  20. Horizon: Ocean, Sky, City, what do you see?
  21. Curves: Shapes ~ body parts ~ circles ~”S-curve” on a spreadsheet ~ a curve in the road ~
  22. Deep:  SnoW, FootprintS, SanD, ImprintS, WateR, ShadowS, Anything that gives you a feeling of DEPTH…
  23. Saturday!: Document something from your Day!  Shopping, Farmer’s Market, A Walk, A Routine, Laundry, Breakfast!
  24. Upside Down: Take a photo of something upside down, or turn your phone upside down.  Have fun with it!
  25. Thin: A flat pancake…a sheet of paper…a thin line….a sheer shirt…thin mint cookie!
  26. Street View: Corner of 2 street signs – looking down an alley – object on street – car parked in street – favorite building.
  27. On the Side: Try walking around an object to look at it from a side view; a profile; what’s next to your dinner plate;  a side ponytail on a child!
  28. Almost over…:  The end of a book, a sunset, what you see as you leave work, crying child at end of playtime?!  Something that gives you a sense of an ending…as we END FEBRUARY!


Playing photo-a-day couldn’t be easier – honestly!  

  • Grab your camera or phone.
  • Look at the monthly list to find the prompt for the day.  {The number corresponds to the date of the month}.
  • Take a photo using the prompt as inspiration.  So for February the prompt for day 1 is ‘YOU’.  Take a photo of you: your reflection, your shadow, part of your body, an old photo of you, or any other artsy way of representing you!
  • Now that you’ve taken a picture, it’s time to share it.  This is the fun part!  You can share to on any social media platform you like – for me, I am using 365project.org and my blog.  You can choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr…anything goes!
  • Now that you’ve shared, check out other people’s photos.  It’s nice to comment and get to know other photo-takers too. We’re a friendly bunch.

If this is something you have always wanted to try, join me!  I look forward to seeing all your fabulous pics!



One thought on “365 photos for 1 year

  1. I’m so excited to see your photos and visit a new part of Canada through your eyes! Thanks for sending the email, I can’t wait to see what the next 365 days bring!

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