Weekend Shenanigans (01/30-02/02)

Since I had Friday off, I consider Thursday night the beginning of my weekend!  So here’s my recap:


We attended our very first Hockey Game: Calgary Flames vs. San Jose Sharks!


And even though everyone says the Flames are in a “rebuilding year” – we had a BLAST!  The Flames won (4th in a row, I might add!)  But now I’m in trouble…in case you didn’t notice from the bottom left picture to the bottom right picture…the hubby bought a jersey!


Ran errands all day!  Found a new grocery store near us.  (<– Don’t mock…this is HUGE, since food is pretty pricey here in Canada!) Also found the IKEA (first time EVER in this store!) – and bought some ski pants for me and the hubs at Sport Chek.  Since it ended up being a beautiful day outside, I decided to do a photo-op for Mr. Mario – it was his first official exploration of the balcony!  I proudly present to you – Mr. Mario – in Catwalk.



The hubs and I took a trip to Cross-Iron Mills – a huge outlet on the outskirts of Calgary.  Bought my first pair of “winter boots” – Sorel Caribou – so that I can walk to/from work in “appropriate” shoes!


I also startd my 365 Project: An American in Calgary!  For fun, I created a list of prompts for the month of February, just in case I got stuck one day.  Day 1 Prompt: You.  I had a vision in my head of one of the following cutesy scenarios (also called Forced Perspective): 1) Close-up of my hand, holding the distant city of Calgary, 2) a pic of me sitting on top of a wall and “leaning” into the distant city of Calgary or 3) a portion of my head in the bottom corner of the pic with the cityscape behind me.  (See my inspiration HERE!) 

Turns out, unless you have a really long third arm, or perhaps a tripod and camera remote, you kinda need a 2nd person to help with the “creative” shots.  Who knew?!  So I had fun doing my own lil’ photo shoot attempting “selfies” in front of the cityscape.  I also tried a few shots of me “peeking” in the corner…but they just turned out creepy. 


And the winner for Day 1: You – “Hello, Calgary!”  I love the ray of sun shining down on me too!!!



The hubs and I relaxed all morning – catching up on our new TV series obsession – GRIMM.  Then we headed to the gym for a quick workout.  And finally got geared up for Super Bowl Sunday!  That is, until I found out that we DO NOT get to watch all the cool millions-of-dollars commercials here in Canada!!!  What?!  Oh, yah, I guess we ARE watching on a Canadian channel.  *Sigh*  (<–Side note: Due to this minor infraction by the Canadian cable companies….I was forced to use my work computer for personal use early Monday morning.  Just for say, oh, I don’t know, a full 20 minutes on catching-up with the Top Commercials!!!)  This is also the day that I tried my very first Caesar Cocktail.  What is a Caesar?, you may ask.  I want you to first PROMISE me you will try it…and then I divulge the secret ingredients.  OK, OK – I know if I don’t just tell you that you will google it right now…so here goes…

Via Wikipedia: A Caesar or Bloody Caesar is a cocktail created and primarily consumed in Canada. It typically contains vodka, Clamato (a proprietary blend of tomato juice and clam broth), hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, and is served with ice in a large, celery salt-rimmed glass, typically garnished with a stalk of celery and wedge of lime. It was invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 by restaurateur Walter Chell to celebrate the opening of a new Italian restaurant in the city. It quickly became a popular mixed drink within Canada where over 350 million Caesars are consumed annually and it has inspired numerous variants. However, the drink remains virtually unknown outside the country.”

Yep – I drank that.  I may have also slightly offended the host by telling her it tasted like “Tomato Soup”.  Don’t judge – I thought it was a compliment!!!  I loved it when mom made me tomato soup as a child!  When I received a very dry, “Thanks, Jen.”  I quickly retorted – “A very, very, tasty version of tomato soup!  Very spicy.  Very yummy!”  Oops.  Cultural Catch!





Saturday: Cardio: 1 mile walk, 2.75 mile run; Stairs: 13 Flights Up and 24 Flights Down; Abs: 30 sit-ups

Sunday: Cardio: 1.5 mile walk, 1.5 ladder run; Stairs: 13 Flights Up and 24 Flights Down; Abs: 2 x 15: Russian Twists, Starfish, Straight Leg Crunch, Squats

You may notice that I am highlighting Stairs.  And Abs.  The stairs are a kind of by default as the gym at work is on the 24th floor!!!  Yes, we have elevators…but why not?!  And the abs?  Having taken a NICE, LONG vacay from anything more physical than directing the movers on where to place our household goods….I thought I should try to tighten up my core.  The ab workouts are inspired by a challenge created by Amanda at Run to the Finish.  Check it out if you need some inspiration!

Here’s to the rest of the week.  And hopefully fewer “Cultural Catch”es.  Cheers!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans (01/30-02/02)

  1. Hockey and IKEA and new ski pants and new boots…sounds like an awesome weekend! Love the Mario photoshoot. He looks like he’s having a ton of fun. And your Calgary selfies are too cute 🙂 Looking forward to drinking some Caesars with you!

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