Just got sparked!

Maybe it’s the fact that we live in Canada – perpetually a dry climate.

Maybe it’s the fact that we live in a condo on the 11th floor – high altitude.

Maybe it’s the fact that we love to cuddle in soft fabrics on the couch – materials rubbing together.

No matter the reason – it’s a perfect storm brewing – because everything I touch in our home gives me a shock.

You can literally feel, hear, and even see the spark at times!

Why is this an issue? CatStatic

Everything includes – the cat.

Imagine this cute lil’ furball just begging to be pet…and so you indulge and *BOOM* – shock to the nose.  Oh – guess that wasn’t so bad.  Continue to pet and **BOOM** – shock his butt.  And ***BOOM*** – shock his tail.  Poor lil’ Mario just got sparked 3 times in one long, continuous pet.


And imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a big blue ball of sparks sitting at the foot of your bed!!!  Aliens DO exist!!!

I looked this up online (Google: Cat static shock) – and you can’t IMAGINE the number of proposed solutions on how to “de-static” a cat:

  1. Rub your cat with olive oil.  Yes, please, I’d LOVE to have an oily couch and bed!
  2. Hold him still for a spritz of Static Guard.  Hmmmm…probably not a good, or safe, idea.
  3. Try just rubbing him down with a dryer sheet.  I do love the smell of fresh laundry!
  4. Better yet – put him in the dryer with a dryer sheet!  Umm – can someone call animal control?!
  5. Try to ground yourself before, during or after petting kitty.  Yes, please, more shocks for ME!  On the other hand…it will be a less shocking experience for him! haha.
  6. Get a fish tank.  Yah – tried that once….it’s a legendary fish tale…of how Mario ate Sven.

P.S.: My new favorite hobby is to watch Mario try getting under the bedsheet.  One spark sends him flying to the other end of the bed trying to get away from the sparks, but they get worse and bigger as he goes! Just about makes me pee my pants.



6 thoughts on “Just got sparked!

  1. My dog shocks me all the time! She’s a long haired chihuahua and her tail is super long and fluffy, but when we see that long hair standing up we know not to pet her 🙂

  2. Love the blanket! I have the same one – my mom gave it to me for Christmas 🙂 Poor Mario! I am giggling imagining his sheet sparking adventures. And I don’t think I’ve heard the Mario eating Sven tale! Hope your humidifier helps 🙂

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