Blogger Confessions (02.07.14)

Before I leave you to your own fun-filled weekend – I thought I’d share with you a few of my confessions – as if you don’t already know everything going on in that head of mine:

Blogger Confessions

  1. I forgot not once, but TWICE, to refill the water in the humidifier this week.  Sorry kitty – I really DO want to stop shocking you!!  And hubby – I really DO NOT know why you wake up with super dried boogies in your nose!!!
  2. I haven’t gotten my hair done since…oh, I don’t know…Oct. 11, 2013.  Why – thank you…this look IS “all natural!”
  3. A friend forwarded me a link for an awesome V-day gift for the hubby.  I ended up obsessing over this one – “The Bacon Man Crate” – and seriously had to stop myself from hitting the BUY button!
  4. I had my first ever chin hair.  (<– My friends told me to expect this once I hit my thirties.  I used to laugh a lot!  Now I just laugh a little. A little nervous laugh!)
  5. I gave myself a full two weeks to build my base before I started my half marathon training plan….and…I squandered it away. (Week 1: 12M Scheduled vs. 6.5M Ran; Week 2: 14M Scheduled vs. TBD)
  6. I actually have NO idea what happened during my first hockey game (besides the fact that we won!)  I spent 1/2 of it talking to my new friend…and the other 1/2 listening to my new friend!
  7. Of the 124 pictures on my brand new phone….59 are of our weekend in Banff…and 27 of them are of my cat!  I love my fur-baby!!
  8. I believe in smiling at strangers.  It either makes their day or creeps them out.  Win, win.
  9. I bought a plant for my office.  Attempt #879,999  to “Find a Plant I Can’t Kill” from my 30 During 30! List.  Sadly, I don’t think she’s going to make it…  In two weeks she’s already lost two of four  flowers.  *Tear*




3 thoughts on “Blogger Confessions (02.07.14)

  1. Ashley got her husband one of the Man Crate for Christmas. I think it was the old school video game one. He loved it. So I say, go for it! And I’m totally with you on the cat pictures 🙂 Good luck with the plant! It is pretty. Have you tried bamboo? I haven’t managed to kill mine yet, and I’m horrible at taking care of it.

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