An Evening Surprise…

Hello friends!  I went out and about last night running a few errands while waiting on the hubby to come home from work.   As part of my 365 Project “An American in Calgary”, I’m always on the lookout for a good photo-op.  My daily prompt was “Night.”  As I was driving back into the city, I saw a rainbow bridge in the distance, and made it my mission to find the best angle to capture it!  I drove around until I found the path that would lead me straight to it….but as I was walking, I was stunned to find all these amazing murals along the way…and quite a pleasant surprise.


Goodnight, Calgary!



5 thoughts on “An Evening Surprise…

  1. Funny story about those murals. Up until last year – they had covered all of the bridge supports and the public washrooms there in photos of people in water. I think they were supposed to look all zen and peaceful, but instead they looked like dead people, drowned in the water. It was so creepy that they ended up changing the murals to what is there today. If you googled “calgary east village bathroom murals” you could see what used to be there. I still call those bathrooms the dead people bathrooms because of it. LOL

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