I Rode the Public Bus…and Didn’t Get Kicked Off!

It’s been YEARS since I’ve had the need to ride public transportation.  Since the year 2004 to be exact…when I lived in D.C.  So forgive me if I am a lil’ rusty on bus passenger etiquette….  Just be glad that I’m now ready to tackle public transit if you come visit!

(photo via: Calgary Sun)

(photo via: Calgary Sun)

I wasn’t at the stop on time for the first bus.   I mean, really, 6:07 AM is such an odd time.  Does it make me OCD if I like 6:05 or 6:10? 

….or the second bus at 6:37 – really??? I mean I was THIS CLOSE to the corner next to the cross-street next to the …. yah.  I half-heartedly waved my gloved hand as it drove off into the distance….

You better believe I was 10 minutes early for the 3rd bus though!  Uh-huh.

The two people in line before me didn’t put money into the box, so I thought maybe it was a free day!  Woo-hoo!  Until I heard: “Lady – you pay for services?”  I’m not even gonna go there….  (*For your knowledge, supposedly there are these things called bus passes and you don’t even need real money…)

I didn’t have exact change in Loonies and Toonies….but I’m sure you’ll agree with me about that awesome feeling when you get rid of all your “extra” coins from your wallet….how many nickels are in $3 anyway???

I then squeezed myself in-between two awesomely unfriendly ladies – and may have inadvertently sat with one butt-cheek hugging each of their legs!  Warmth in numbers? Anyone???

I also had the pleasure of sitting behind the driver.  Does it count as back-seat driving if you also look both ways and nod your approval at the driver via the rear-view mirror before he crosses the C-train tracks?

You probably shouldn’t ask your neighbor where the map is – like in the subway trains that lists each stop.  They might look at you like you are an idiot.  And then you could point to your black suede shoes and say, “I didn’t wear my snow boots, eh?”  Culturally speaking, adding Eh? is “inclusive” of their opinion!

And….to the point above, once you discover there is no “Map of Stops” – you might want to look up your Bus Route on your phone so you don’t miss your stop.  I mean….the whole point of riding the bus is so you don’t become a popsicle walking around in sub-zero weather in the opposite direction of the bus that just dropped you off.  I knew where my stop was, of course!  I’m just trying to help you.

But even through all that, I can assure you that a toasty, cramped bun for 10 minutes is WAY better than a bun chilled at -20*C for 20 minutes.

Oh – and be sure to say THANKS to the driver when you do get off.  Just try not to yell it…it’s not his fault that your ear warmers mute everything!



5 thoughts on “I Rode the Public Bus…and Didn’t Get Kicked Off!

  1. Seriously, this made me laugh harder than I have in a while! Wow, my husband was just like “What’s going on?” Haha, this post is fabulous (sorry if I’m laughing at your expense because your ride seemed very unpleasant)! Thanks for sharing!

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