Calgary Half Training: Week 2

Week 2 is in the books and I feel pretty good overall about the training.  Although I came up a lil’ short on mileage, I was able to add in 3 days of strength and abs!  I’m still continuing to use the stairs at work…I feel myself slowing getting stronger in that aspect.


This was a weird week as it took a turn for the COLD – and FAST!!!  I decided on no cardio Tuesday, but didn’t just want to sit on the couch all night.  That’s where Pinterest came in for a fun cross-train effort!  On Wednesday night I went out and about to check out how far a new running path was from the house, as it looks promising for our weekend long runs.  It was just over a mile away, which would be a great warm-up walk, but the path was also VERY iced over.  Bummer.  I made it about 0.9 miles before I turned around and hoofed it back home.  Looks like it will have to be a spring/summer trail!  I also decided to Foam Roll that night.  Thursday’s run was outside with the hubby, but it was FREEZING!  It was our first outdoor run after work, meaning, after the sun set.  I was pretty well bundled, but the gloves the hubby was wearing was just not enough and we had to call it quits a bit early so he didn’t lose his fingers from frostbite!  Friday’s run was completed on the dreadmill treadmill…I still don’t know why I can’t just get on with these runs – but I have a HUGE mental block that is driving me crazy.  I just lose all motivation!!!  Saturday’s long run, however, was a solo outdoor run!  Although it was -10*C, I had the proper layers, and quite enjoyed the run!  I only passed a handful of other runners, so the quiet and peacefulness of the lovely winter setting was not lost on me!!!


  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Stairs: 238 Up, 357 Down; Strength & Abs: 20 Minutes “One Song Workouts” (First 4 songs w/1 min rest in-between)
  • Wednesday: Cardio: 1.2 mile walk, 2.5 mile run; Stairs: 238 Up, 238 Down; Strength & Abs: 3×15: Russian Twists, Starfish, Plank, 20 Modified Push-ups, Foam Roller
  • Thursday: Cardio: 1.8 mile walk, 2 mile run; Stairs: 274 Up, 274 Down
  • Friday: Cardio: 1 mile walk, 2.5 mile run; Strength & Abs: 3×15: Bird Dog, Bicycles, Wiper Plank; 2×12 @5lbs: Bicep Curls, Tricep Overhead Extensions, Tricep Kickbacks, 20 Modified Push-ups
  • Saturday: Cardio: 1.25 mile walk, 4.5 mile run Stairs: 255 Up, 544 Down
  • Sunday: Cardio: 1.25 mile walk, 2 mile run; Stairs: 170 Up, 425 Down; Strength & Abs: 3×15: Elbow Plank Punch, Bridge, Flutter Kick; 3×12 @5 lbs: Shoulder Press, Chest Press, 3×12 @12.5lbs: Row, Pulldown

Snowy roads all around me!!  Forgive me for being so excited, but we have lived in the “heat” for 10 years now…and being around snow makes me feel like a kid again!



14 Weeks to Go!

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