Blogger Confessions (02.24.14)

It’s that time again!  I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend!  Since it’s bright dark and early on Monday morning, I thought I’d share with you a few of my confessions:

Blogger Confessions

  1. I’m obsessed with THIS! (<– Psychologist father writes letters to his daughter. And other great advice!)
  2. I missed my official Day 1 of half marathon training. 
  3. Two weeks ago I got frustrated over my lack of treadmill performance…so I hopped on over to a bike.  Let me just say….I’m still walking funny.  I just don’t know how people do it!
  4. I am totally CREEPED OUT by Item #29 on THIS list!
  5. The hubby and I don’t typically “celebrate” Valentine’s Day – we usually just swap cards.  But I totally melted when he surprised me with a dozen roses (& 2 bottles of wine)!!!
  6. I volunteered for the first time on Friday with Meals on Wheels.  It is such a great feeling to help those who need it.  There were quite a few elderly on the delivery route, but to be honest, I was expecting more…I don’t know…more “helpless” people.  Is that bad to say out loud?
  7. There is an awesome coffee machine in the break room…and about once a week I break down and get a DOUBLE Vanilla Bean Espresso…they are soo yummy!




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