Calgary Half Training: Week 3

Week 3 is in the books!  Last week was a tough week for me, as the weather was particularly uncooperative.  I felt really good about the mileage…just not that I compacted it all into 4 days in a row!  I know people go on “running streaks” where they run every day…but this girl is TIRED!  On a side note, the stairs are becoming quite the habit – but I have yet to do good back to back strength and abs weeks.


To be honest, I’m not really sure what happened, or why my week was so lopsided.  Tuesday and Wednesday just slipped through my fingers, and before I knew it, I was 3 days into the week with ZERO miles.  Bet you didn’t know that all the runs were dreadmill treadmill runs due to the fact that the *highs* on Friday, Saturday, Sunday were -22*C, -33*C, and -28*C.  BRRRR.  BUT…I was finally able to overcome my mental hurdle of 3 miles on the treadmill!  To break up the monotony, I counted songs instead of miles.  Yep, I’m that creative!  After 8 songs, I took a peek at the mileage, and was right around 3 miles, so I took a quick 1 minute break to refill my water bottle (because it was so stinkin’ hot in the gym!!!) and then went back to my song counting.  I chose the only treadmill without a TV – yes, CHOSE – but I enjoyed looking out the window at the traffic, and pedestrians, and just dazing out.  It actually allowed me to focus on the songs and the beats too.  The hubby thinks I’m insane running inside for an hour without TV…but for some reason, it’s working for me!

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Stairs: 119 Up, 119 Down
  • Wednesday: Cardio: 1 mile walk (to work!)
  • Thursday: Cardio: 2 miles walk, 3.5 miles run; Stairs: 119 Up; 408 Down; Strength & Abs: 30 Starfish, 30 Reverse Starfish, 30 sec. Plank
  • Friday: Cardio: 3.5 mile walk, 3.3 mile run
  • Saturday: Cardio: 1.3 mile walk, 6.2 mile run; Stairs: 136 Up, 408 Down
  • Sunday: Cardio: 1 mile walk, 3 mile run; Stairs: 221 Up, 408 Down; Strength & Abs: 2×15 @5 lbs: Shoulder Press, Chest Press, 2×15 @12.5lbs: Row, Pulldown, 2x 30 sec Wall Sit

    Nick’s Warm-up Walk

    Hot sweaty mess!

13 Weeks to Go!

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One thought on “Calgary Half Training: Week 3

  1. Great job! Winter has been brutal all year, and it completely kills the motivation. It’s nice to see we’re on the same training cycle and compare where I should be. Hoping we can both pull out some great times in 12 weeks!

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