Pin-Fit Inspiration: March

Time to share with you my recent Pinterest Fitness (Pin-Fit) findings/inspirations/obsessions.  If you are like me, and need a lil’ bit of extra “something” now and again, target at least one new workout a month – or one a week if you are ambitious!  The idea is that changing things up a bit helps motivate – both physically and mentally!  And it never hurts to build a stronger core, and strengthen arm and leg muscles.  These postings aren’t exactly yoga, or biking, or swimming, or cross-fit, but sometimes a small shift is a BIG change.  Hopefully one of these helps inspire you!

5 One-Song Workouts (<– I am LOVING these!!!)  This is for one of those days where you just need to switch things up!  Can someone find me more of these?!  Or be my personal trainer and create some for me?!

Icona Pop

Foam Roller Exercises.  Foam rolling can help prevent injury, keeping you healthy and strong leading up to race day.  This preventive routine takes only 10-15 minutes – you could do it every day if you like but should aim to roll at least once or twice a week.  Your body will thank you.  This set of exercises targets the following: IT Band, Glutes, Piriformis, Quads, Calves, Shins, and Lower Back.  And yes….it can hurt soo good!



Last month’s focus was Abs.  This month is Arms.  As part of my strength training initiative, I would like to incorporate the segment below into my routine 3x per week!  This should be easy, as this is a very simple routine.  You should start with a weight that challenges you, but does not push you to a quick failure.  Keep in mind that some exercises may require a lighter weight until you build that muscle.  You could start with 2 lb. weights, and increase a lil’ as these get easier for you.  Or you can use a 5 lb. weight and slowly increase your reps.  I suggest starting with 2 sets of 8-12 Reps to get started, and you can build up to 3 sets.  It should take four to five seconds to complete one repetition through a complete range of motion; in a slow and controlled manner.  Rest at least 30 seconds and no more than 90 seconds between sets of each exercise; and 1 to 2 minutes between each exercise.

Time to TONE those ARMS!



And my mantra of the month to keep me going…to keep me on track to complete my strength training and stretching – “Turn Intentions To Actions.”



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Do you have any favorite Arm exercises you would like to share?



4 thoughts on “Pin-Fit Inspiration: March

  1. Oh yeah, I love working arms!!! 😉 My favorite arm exercise is handstand push-ups!! They work soooo gooood! Haha! Great post- I love the foam roller, too!!

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