Calgary Half Training: Week 4

Week 4 is in the books!  Last week was my toughest yet, as I caught a cold and took multiple days to fight it off.  I felt the “chills” on Saturday and Sunday, but attributed it to the super cold weather.  I went to work on Monday and things seemed fine, but then woke up on Tuesday feeling like I had been hit by a semi-truck.  I didn’t go in to work Tuesday or Wednesday for fear of collapsing the building with my violent coughing.  I was able to barely contain myself on Thursday, so I went back to work.  Progress.  Although….I think my half of the floor generally avoided me like the plague.  I may have even spied a “Stay Back 500 Feet” sign on my door….


  • Monday: Stairs: 119 Up, 272 Down
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Cardio: 4 mile walk; Stairs: 374 Up, 476 Down
  • Friday: Stairs: 272 Up, 272 Down
  • Saturday: Cardio: 1.3 mile walk, 4 mile run
  • Sunday: Cardio: 0.75 mle walk, 4.mile run; Stairs: 293 Up, 408 Down 

The hubby had to work extra late Thursday evening, so I decided that if I couldn’t run, I would walk!  I hopped onto the treadmill and walked for an hour – making it a decent 4 miles!  Friday ended up being another off day.  Saturday’s run, even though on the treadmill, was a GREAT run!  I felt amazing, strong, and energized, and only coughed once around the 1.8m mark.  I did run with cough drops – just in case – but my body was ready to get going again!  The hubby and I decided on an afternoon run on Sunday – and we were completely surprised (and a bit irritated!) and the number of people out and about along the Bow River pathway.  I only say irritated, because as lovely as it is to see people outside, active, and enjoying the weather, it made it QUITE difficult to get in a decent long run.  The first mile was spend weaving in and out and around people.  Once we made it across the river and on to the opposite bank, we had a dilemma: 1) the lower path was mostly covered in water due to the melting snow and ice, and 2) the upper path is smaller, therefore a bit crowded, and still about 50% icy.  We chose the upper path, which resulted in some slowing and/or stopping for parts of the run.  But…once we got about 2.5 miles into the run, we chose to run UP Memorial Drive park hill to Crescent Heights.  Although we did not make the full run, I would say we made it about 75% of the way before walking.  I stayed positive and took it as a bench-mark for our next run!

Memorial Stairs_Hill
Need a better visual?  BOOM!  Check out that HILL!

Memorial to Crescent Hill

12 Weeks to Go!

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5 thoughts on “Calgary Half Training: Week 4

    • Thanks Chelsea! I honestly can’t seem to get rid of the cough….but definitely not sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket feeling miserable 🙂 You must get through the bad days to appreciate the good ones!

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