YouTube Love: Sad Cat Diary

Hello friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!  As I am nose-deep in spring cleaning my blog (<–more details to come soon!), I needed a lil’ break from the mundane and came across this AWESOME cat video.  I literally can’t stop laughing!!!  I’ve already shared with a few close friends – and they agree – it’s too funny NOT to share!  So now I’m sharing the wealth with you, my loyal readers!

Cat Lovers – Enjoy!!!

*And if the clip doesn’t work properly for you, click on the official YouTube link HERE.*

My favorite part (<– and I think this is part of a universal cat code as Mario has perfected this!):

“Dear Diary. It is three in the morning. The authorities have closed the door to the bedroom. I can only assume that they have forgotten about me and have left me here to die. As a last resort I will stand post for the rest of the night and sing the song of my people in hopes that they rescue me.”

Have you come across a recent clip that you can’t stop laughing about?  Please share!



2 thoughts on “YouTube Love: Sad Cat Diary

  1. This is hilarious, and honestly just made my evening. Especially with the bit about the food and trying to starve the cat. I can only think of my moms cat, who’s pretty big but insists on having an enormous amount of food.

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