Calgary Half Training: Week 6

Week 6 is in the books!  I am not feeling great about this week, considering I only got in two 3-mile runs throughout the week, but I did get in this week’s long run – a solid 8 miles….


…on the treadmill.  Due to the weather changing back to seriously cold, we chose to run inside.  A huge mental feat, in my opinion. PS – I have no idea why my legs look two-toned…white & red is all the rage these days.


Yes friends…that is 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 48 seconds on a TREADMILL for Saturday’s long run.  I deserve a cookie.  Or 10.  Thin mint, preferably.  And here’s me all hot and sweaty.  Because…wow…everyone loves a photo of how you REALLY look after a workout!!!


Earlier in the week I completed a solo run on the treadmill because I needed to test out my new shoes!  Yep, yep, yep…it was that time again, getting close to some high mileage on my last pair.  I am hoping to post a review soon.  Sneak peek above at the awesome colors!!! I did have a really good progression run on Wednesday, albeit accidental.  My initial thought was that I would do an easy 2 miles to break in the shoes and see how they fit.  Once I got past the obvious over-analyzing of each and every step and just started to run…I felt good!  So after the first mile, I started increasing my pace every 0.2 mile…and I still felt good after 2 miles, so I bumped up the speed again until I reached a speedy 2.5 miles.  I’ll take it!


To be honest, I do have a few big disappointments this week, as in….no strength training….no ab work…no cross-training.  I’m not really sure how that happened, I just realized come Sunday that, oops, I haven’t done anything extra this week. *Sigh*  And…if I’m being truly honest….I was supposed to do an easy 2 mile recovery run on Sunday, but that didn’t happen either.  I’m still desperately wanting to push myself into consistent training…but I just can’t seem to find the right balance.  I suppose that’s why I started this half training a lil’ earlier than usual (16-week training plan vs. 12-week training plan).  I still have a few weeks to get myself straightened out. 

All in all…I broke a new mental barrier this week, pushing through an 8 mile indoor run, and putting my BEST FOOT forward!  And yes, for those of you who caught that…I’m linking up with AmandaKrysten and Ericka for #bestfoot Monday today 🙂  Even though it’s Tuesday. 


10 Weeks to Go!

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6 thoughts on “Calgary Half Training: Week 6

  1. This winter has been brutal! Some days I love running, and some days it takes everything in me to complete what should be a simple run. Hopefully spring arrives soon!

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