#BostonStronger – 4.15 Miles

Hello friends, runners, bloggers and readers.  Today is a very special day in the hearts and memories of runners (and those who love runners!) worldwide, as we remember the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  A quote from former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sums it up: “This day will always be hard.  It’ll never be easy to gather at that finishing line.”


{ My Dedication }

My simple act of remembrance – I ran 4.15 miles.


{ Remembrance }

Three people were killed.  More than 260 wounded.  16 victims lost limbs.

  • Martin Richard, 8, was there with his family and watching runners cross the finish line when he died.
  • Lu Lingzi, 23, was  a Chinese exchange student at Boston University.
  • Krystle Campbell, 29, died when she swapped spots with another spectator hoping for a better view of the finish line.
  • Police officer Sean Collier died days later as authorities pursued the suspects.

{ 1 Year Ago… }


{ Link Love }

Runner’s World – Dear World: Boston Marathon (images of survivors today)

Sports on Earth – The Finish Line (78 year-old Bill Offrig 1 year later)



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