Calgary Half Training: Week 9

Week 9 is in the books!  It wasn’t the best week on mileage…but it’s pretty consistent with what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks….and I had an excellent long run on Sunday (finally building my confidence back up after last week’s crappy long run!)



 Monday was my rest day – and I desperately needed it after the 9-miler that just wiped me out!  Tuesday included a solo run along the riverfront, followed by a quick 30 minutes of arms and abs at the work gym.  It was a nice & speedy run…but I had to fight the wind pretty hard for the first half…which made me lose a lil’ bit of energy on the second half.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were just…I don’t know….me needing a break from due to my woman issues.  I hear over and over that exercise helps cramps…but I gotta tell ya…it’s the motivation part I need help with!!!  Needless to say, my legs were itchin’ to run come Friday.  Since the hubby had to go into work, we decided to just hop on the dreadmill treadmill for a quick run.  I ran a speedy 3 miles, and then another 0.5 miles as a cool-down jog.  I meant to take it easy before the long run, but to be honest, I just felt good!

Since the hubby was leaving for Houston early Sunday afternoon, we knew we would have to get up early to get in our long run.  The weather was a cool 22* F – and the hubby refused to run outside.  I, on the other hand, relish running in the colder weather…so I bundled up (tights, long-sleeve, and headband) and hit the road!  The first mile was definitely COLD…which is what I think caused me to run a super-quick 8:30 mile.  I then fell back into my rhythm of 8:40-8:50 pace for the remaining 6 miles.  The schedule stated 8 miles…but the hubby and I agreed to 10 miles.  But….as I finished my first loop (6-ish miles), I noticed that there were some race mile markers, and lots of people gathered near my starting point.  (<–Oops – I forgot about a local race that morning!)  So I did a quick mile up and back to make 7 miles…then did a “cool-down” mile back to work to make it 8 miles.  When I got back upstairs to the gym, I noticed that the hubby only had another 1.5 miles to complete his 10 miles…so I hopped on the treadmill for another 1.2 miles!!!  I didn’t think I would have it in me…but I felt totally AWESOME and said, Why Not?! 

{ Scenes From My Runs }


Running back towards the city!


Running along the river paths!

{ Weekly Lesson } 

BLAZE A NEW PATH.  “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, who was no doubt referring to some runners’ habit of doing the same few loops over and over again.  There’s a whole world out there.  Explore it.  I ran my loop in the opposite direction, going an additional mile past where I normally turn – allowing me to follow the river in a new direction, cross under some new bridges, and enjoy the new scenery!

On a side note…I broke my 2K a Day to Canada Day walking streak on Friday, April 11th.  I’m not sweating it though…I’m going to buckle up and start attempt #2 – hopefully making it further next time!!!

Here’s to putting my BEST FOOT forward in the coming weeks.  As for today, I’m linking up with AmandaKrysten and Ericka for #bestfoot Monday 🙂   Even though it’s Tuesday 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Calgary Half Training: Week 9

    • Thanks for the note Crystal! Agreed…time is FLYING by. I can’t believe it’s only 6 weeks ’til the Calgary Marathon & Half. I have NEVER ran so much on the treadmill in my life….haha. I’m blaming part of that on moving in the dead of winter, and not allowing our bodies to get used to it. I’m hoping next fall & winter I can ease into the super cold outdoor temps. 🙂 I’m thinking there should be a blogger gathering pre or post race in Calgary!!!

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