Calgary Half Training: Week 12

Week 12 is in the books!  We are officially less than a month away until the 50th Anniversary of the Calgary Marathon & Half Marathon – and our first Canadian Half Marathon!!!


It was finally an excellent week of training!  I completed more miles in 3 days than I did the entire week before (11.5 miles vs. 9 miles!)  I shut down my work computer every day at 4:15 pm and headed over to the Bow River Pathways, since the weather was absolutely STUNNING and I did not want to miss out on a single opportunity!  On Tuesday I completed a speedy 4 mile run, then headed home and completed the 3 Moves for a Sexy Upper Back workout while I waited to pick up my Sushi dinner.  Wednesday I started my run along the path…and at 0.8 mile in, heard someone calling my name.  It was a co-worker, and friend, who was riding her bike home.  She hopped off her bike, and I stopped my RunKeeper, and we started walking and chatting.  Before we knew it, we came to her turn-off point, and coincidentally, my turn-around point!  So we said our goodbyes and I started running again, completing 2.2 miles back to the starting point.  As I really wanted to get in 4 miles, I decided to do a cool-down loop through Prince’s Island Park – which has been mostly snow-covered to date, but was now thawed out and crawling with lots of people!  I did an easy mile around the island and then headed back to clean up and meet up with some friends for dinner!  On Thursday, my head was playing the mental game…as I wasn’t really wanting to run…but knew I had to run if I was to get in the full miles this week.  Plus, I kinda liked the feeling of being so consistent during the work week!!!  And once I started, it really wasn’t so bad.  I fought quite a bit of wind on the return, so that made it tough to want to complete 4 miles.  I decided instead to walk 0.5 miles down to Sien Lok Park (which is an entrance to Chinatown) took a few fun pictures, then decided to slow-jog back, totaling 3.5 miles.  Not too shabby! 

I picked up the hubby from the airport around mid-day on Friday, and we really took it easy the rest of the day as he was fighting a 3.5 hour time change!  I don’t really know what happened Saturday, except that the cold weather swooshed back in…with lots of rain/snow projected all weekend long.  We decided to run a few errands in the morning, then enjoy a date in the afternoon.  We went to the theater to see Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.  It was actually pretty good!!!  I really liked it, and the hubby thought it was even better than the first one.  So after lots of popcorn and candy, we decided to wait until Sunday to do a run.  Sounds fair to me!  The weather continued on Sunday, but wasn’t as bad.  However, since the hubby did not get any runs in this week, we decided to do a shorter than planned run on the treadmill.  The hubby went in to the office for a few hours, and since I was feeling pretty good, I went down to the gym and got in 3.5 miles!  I thought…just in case we end up not running, I want to get in a solid 15 miles this week.  Early afternoon, the hubby called and said, yes, he would like to work out, could I come join him?  So I headed in to the work gym and completed another 3 miles.  Woo-hoo! 

And that, friends, is how I came to complete a solid week of training.

{ Additional Workouts }

3 Moves for a Sexy Upper Back from Tone It Up Bikini Series


{ Scenes From My Runs }

Photo tour of typical outdoor run!  I walk three blocks of “downtown” to get to this entrance to the Bow River Pathways!


Once you reach the end of the brick path, you can go right (East) or left (West) on the walking/running/skating/biking paths all along the river front!  They are nice and wide allowing for plenty of people on the path at the same time.


And if you look directly across the water, you can see Prince’s Island Park!  This lil’ island has a restaurant, playgrounds, and lots more paths!


I did a cool-down mile jog around Prince’s Island Park for the first time on Wednesday…and I can’t wait until summer to see how beautiful and green the lil’ island will be!


I ended Thursday’s cool-down run by heading East towards Chinatown!  I can’t wait for beautiful summer days to take LOTS of pics of this colorful part of town!


{ Weekly Lesson } 

If nothing else is holding you back except for the mentality of “I just don’t feel like it”….get dressed and give it 10 minutes.  Like on Thursday, when I really, really, really just didn’t feel like doing any activity, I forced myself to put on my running clothes, walk for 10 minutes (to the start of my running route), and THEN decide if I could try 20 minutes of running.  It does wonders for your mental state when you just get out of your current settings and into some fresh air.  And it doesn’t hurt when you see all those other people out there walking/running/riding…makes you feel like you can do anything for just 20 minutes.  And who knows, you may feel good enough to make it 30 minutes!

Here’s to putting my BEST FOOT forward in the coming weeks.  As for today, I’m linking up with AmandaKrysten and Ericka for #bestfoot 🙂  


4 Weeks to Go!

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{ Donate to Charity }

Hello friends!  I have just under a month left before the Calgary Half Marathon!  Many thanks to Chelsea (fellow runner, blogger, and friend!) who was my FIRST DONOR!!!  Please join her HERE with your donation to my chosen charity – Autism Support Dogs.  Their mission:

Autism Support Dogs is a registered charity that provides professionally trained support dogs for families with an autistic child, at no cost to the family. The goal of our charity is to improve the quality of life of children with autism (ages 4-12) and their family by providing a trained autism support dog. We rely entirely on donations so that we can provide these dogs free of charge to families. It takes up to 2 years and costs our charity up to $35,000 to produce each autism support dog.

I have a fundraising goal of $100…so won’t you please, please, please help me – and these wonderful, beautiful dogs?

Maya and Pepe

Maya and autism support dog Pepe



8 thoughts on “Calgary Half Training: Week 12

  1. Great week of training! Knowing that we’re on the same schedule has really helped to keep me going. Can’t believe race weekend is approaching so quickly!

    • Thanks chica!!!! I know – I also love that we’re on the same schedule!!! I LOVE reading your recaps. I’m seriously lacking in the race department though…so it’s fun to live through you 🙂 This last month is gonna FLY by! And I have high hopes for your SUB 2!!!

  2. Awesome training! I can’t wait to hear all about the race. I did that tone it up workout last week too (twinsies!)
    Also, something should be arriving REALLY soon for you in the mail.

    • WOO-HOO!!! Every time I walk by Starbucks on my way to work I think of YOU!!! And I can’t wait for my lil’ treat in the mail! I’m glad we found each other’s blogs! Speaking of Tone It Up workouts…I just tried MaliBooty workout last night. Wowza!

    • Thanks for stopping by!!! It’s fun to share pics of the area since all my family lives in the states. It’s a lil’ peek into my life that I can share with them. And I can not wait for summer and all the hiking and greenery and mountains!!!!

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