Pin-Fit Inspiration: May

Time to share with you my recent Pinterest Fitness (Pin-Fit) findings/inspirations/obsessions.  If you are like me, and need a lil’ bit of extra “something” now and again, target at least one new workout a month – or one a week if you are ambitious!  The idea is that changing things up a bit helps motivate – both physically and mentally!  And it never hurts to build a stronger core, and strengthen arm and leg muscles.  These postings aren’t exactly yoga, or biking, or swimming, or cross-fit, but sometimes a small shift is a BIG change.  Hopefully one of these helps inspire you!

Do you work best when the whole week is laid out before you?  If yes, then I have rounded up a few weekly inspirations for you!  If no, then feel free to pick and choose a few workouts that appeal to you, as needed!

{ Inspiration #1 }


{ Inspiration #2 }

{ Inspiration #3 }

{ Inspiration #4 }

{ Inspiration #5 }
PinFitMay1 And my mantra of the month to keep me going – as I now have 1 month until my HALF MARATHON: Commitment



{ Inspiration Archives }

Pin-Fit February
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Pin-Fit April

Do you prefer spur-of-the-moment workouts or planned workouts?



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