Daydream: Kenya, Africa


{ Wide Open Spaces }  I would see the calming sunset on the far-off horizon and soak in the warmth of the isolation around me.  This is what a dream of when I dream of Kenya.  Everything I have ever watched on National Geographic comes live in front of me on the Masai Mara game reserve: a huge pride of lions hunting, cheetahs zooming past the jeeps, and elephants ravaging the bushes.  It is a sight Icould never forget.  I then dream of Lake Nakuru, where I can see birds from all around the world – imagine the sea of color as them swarm around the huge lake.  And then I think of  Mount Kenya – whose peaks are clearly visible in the early morning light, and whose base is surrounded by ethic groups who believe the mountain to be sacred.  And finally, I dream of Nairobi, where I can take a one day city tour and devour unique African cuisines!  It is often said that an African safari will change the way you look at life – and I couldn’t agree more.  I can’t wait to one day soak in Kenya’s true beauty.  { Enjoy! }






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