Liebster Award – Round 2!


Why, thank you…thank you very much!”  This Liebster Award was granted to me by the wonderful Cori at Read.Write.Run.Mom.  Cori was literally the first Canadian blogger I connected with.  I can’t remember EXACTLY how it started…but I think as soon as I found out we were moving to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I started searching for Calgary bloggers.  One way or another, Cori’s blog popped up on my radar, and I instantly stalked her (Blog, Twitter, Instagram!)  And wouldn’t you know, but on my first trip to Calgary, I posted a picture on Twitter of the wonderful snowstorm that greeted us…and Cori wrote me!


Now on to Liebster Award – Round 2.  The idea is that when someone is nominated, they answer ten questions posted by the nominator, then in turn, nominate ten more people and pose their own two questions.  Without further adieu…

{ Cori’s Questions }

  1. What is one training tip you have that has dramatically changed the way you run?
    — Good running socks!!  As weird as that may sound, when you get into distance running, cotton socks will just not work.  They can be a lil’ pricey at times…but to run in comfort, no blisters, no chafing…it makes a world of difference!  I personally am IN LOVE with Swiftwick.
  2. If you could run any race in the world, which race would you choose and why?
    — My second world race would be Two Oceans Marathon, South Africa.  How amazing would it be to run around the tip of Africa and along not 1, but 2, oceans?!  (The Great Wall of China is my #1 choice, as mentioned in Liebster Round 1)
  3. What inspired you to start your blog?
    — Honestly, I was hooked on my friend Kimi’s blog (you can find her on Twitter now!).  Through her, I found the blogging world to be full of new and exciting people and topics and races!!!  After many months of reading health & wellness, travel, and fashion blogs – I was inspired to start contributing my own thoughts and feelings on topics I love.  My top priority at the time was my attempt to be more fit: to get back into running – to become a better athlete – to eat a little healthier.  And I also have a serious case of Wanderlust…so I wanted to document all the amazing places that exist in the world (Daydreams!)
  4. Describe your favourite running route in a way that would make me want to run it with you.
    — Mandeville, Louisiana, USA.  You start off at a St. Tammany Trace trailhead, where you can take a quick potty break or fill-up your water bottle.  Then you head across a few streets laced with large southern homes (raised on stilts, cascading staircases, wrap around balconies) until you hit the beginning of “The Trace.”  The trace is an old railway path converted to running/biking path, and it is, at places, filled with other runners and walkers and bikers, and at other places, completely isolated.  The tall trees envelop overhead to block out the summer rays – and you cross over mini-bridges, breathing in the smells of fresh water!  When you leave the path, you can loop back through the neighborhood, and weave your way to the entrance of Lake Pontchartrain.  The path along the lakefront is dotted with ancient oaks whose heavy moss-filled limbs comb the soft green grass.  And if you time it just right….you can end your run at the end of the lakefront, facing a most beautiful sunset over the water!TammanyTrace
  5. How did you meet your best running friend?
    — I have two who are equally important to me.  1) My best friend Jenna (who’s made many appearances here on the blog!).  We met as new teammates on our High School Cross-country team!  We have been inseparable ever since.  We ran cross-country and track together for three years.  When we met up again just under 10 years later, in Louisiana, we completed a few long runs for her first half marathon and the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.  We can go miles chatting away…or miles without saying a word…but there is a comfortable-ness between us.  2) My hubby is my other running partner…and he and I couldn’t be more different.  Although we run mostly in stride, we never say a word to each other.  We discuss mileage and route before we start…then pop in our headphones…and the only communication we give are waves or nods.  I have known my hubby since we were 12…and we have been together for a very long time!  We dated once in 6th grade…then 9th grade…then 12th grade…then got together again after graduation – always remaining friends in between the times off.
  6. What inspired you to start running?
    — The practical answer….I wanted to lose a few pounds.  The emotional answer…I wanted to fall back in love with running.  SHORT STORY:  In August of 2010, I finally decided I desperately needed to get back into shape.  Enough was enough – I was going to become an “adult runner.”  Meaning that I wanted to fall back in-love with running…and have fun with it…and run just to run!   Run just to feel the breeze on my face – the heat of the sun at my back – to pass fellow runners with that all-knowing smile – to give me some much-needed head space to think!  FULL STORY: Post HERE.
  7. What other hobbies do you have that you might not mention on your blog?
    — Hmm…I love love love to read…but I do monthly posts on that.  I love to travel and organize/plan trips!  I am a huge excel spreadsheet nerd…so I typically have all the possible locations/sights/eats/etc. in one location all at our fingertips…just in case.  I also love volunteering…although I haven’t had a ton of free time to volunteer here in Calgary, yet.  I used to volunteer with Junior Achievement in California, and the Animal Shelter in Louisiana.  I’ve done a few weekdays of Meals on Wheels here. 
  8. Which of your races this year are you most excited about and why?
    — The Centaur Subaru Half Marathon (a.k.a. Calgary Half Marathon)!!!  A) It is the 50th anniversary of the race – how amazing is that?!  B) It will be our first Canadian Half Marathon! C) I will hopefully get a chance to finally meet up with some awesome Canadian bloggers!!!
  9. What is your favourite healthy snack that almost feels sinful?
    — Hmm…Avocado, Almonds, 100-calorie popcorn!  I guess I’m not too adventurous there in the snack department…
  10. What quote or song (or both) inspires you most in your running?
    — “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  ~ Steve Prefontaine

{ My Nominees }

That was fun!!!  Thanks Cori for the nomination!  Here are the bloggers I have chosen for you, my lovely readers, to get to know on a more personal level:

{ My Questions }

Now it’s time for me to pass on the Blog Love!

  1. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  2. Who is the most inspiring person you follow on Instagram?
  3. Finish this sentence:  “I find beauty in….”
  4. What is your favorite smell?
  5. If could live with only 3 foods for the next 6 months…what would they be?
  6. Where are you from and what do you love about your city?
  7. What exercise do you despise the most?
  8. Do you collect anything?
  9. Name three guilty pleasures!
  10. What is your favorite post that you’ve written (Please provide a link!)

I hope you enjoy getting to know these ten wonderful bloggers who have influenced me!



6 thoughts on “Liebster Award – Round 2!

  1. LOVE IT! I want to run that route! So pretty! And I am so like that when I travel too – I have had the packing list percolating for our punta cana trip this month FOR SIX MONTHS!!! LOL!

    (And I have to admit – I probably started stalking you shortly after you let it be known you existed so we’re even… 😉 )

  2. Hi Jen! I loved reading all these fun facts about you, and your favorite running route looks AMAZING! Thanks for nominating me! Since I’ve done the Liebster Award before, here are some short answers to your questions 🙂
    What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Hmmm. Maybe octopus cevice? Not very crazy, huh? How about a frozen chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick? That was way more fun!
    Who is the most inspiring person you follow on Instagram? I love my pal Sarah @RunFarGirl on instagram.
    Finish this sentence: “I find beauty in….” the outdoors in the west. The national parks and mountains are absolutely breathtaking.
    What is your favorite smell? Fresh pine (like at the Christmas tree lot)
    If could live with only 3 foods for the next 6 months…what would they be? Bread, dried cherries, mac ‘n’ cheese 🙂
    Where are you from and what do you love about your city? I live in Atlanta and I love the running community there!
    What exercise do you despise the most? Biking
    Do you collect anything? Christmas ornaments from places we’ve traveled and posters from national parks that hang on a wall in our upstairs hallway
    Name three guilty pleasures! Reality TV, burgers, sleeping in
    What is your favorite post that you’ve written (Please provide a link!) What a great question. I really liked this response I wrote to the Wall Street Journal article about running last year:
    Thanks again for including me!!! xoxo

  3. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for the nomination. I agree with you on the socks – new running socks are the best! And so comfy 🙂 I bought a new pair before my last half and I think they saved my toenail 😉
    I love the name of your blog. I think we all have a little perpetual wanderlust in us!

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  5. woohoo thanks for the nomination! great questions : ) it was fun getting to know more about you. i understand your blog name now after reading your answers and i love it!

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