Calgary Half Training: Week 14

Week 14 is in the books!  We are officially two weeks away from the 50th Anniversary of the Calgary Marathon & Half Marathon – and our first Canadian Half Marathon!!!

On a side note: Please stop by Chelsea’s blog and say CONGRATS on her latest half marathon time.  She broke her goal of sub-2 hours TWO WEEKS before her scheduled half marathon!!!!  Chelsea and I are on the same training schedule…so it’s a HUGE mental boost for me…and let’s be honest, it’s SO FREAKING EXCITING when someone breaks their goal!!!  I remember that awe-struck feeling when I first broke 2 hours at the Ventura Half.  Amazing!  XOXO.


Back to Me.  Yikes – another *not so stellar* week of training.  I got in three solid runs throughout the week – including one super speedy run!


…but I missed the planned long run.  I can provide a myriad of excuses…but really I have nothing/no-one to blame but myself. 

The hubby and I were initially targeting a long run along the Reservoir Saturday morning, but decided to do an easy 3-miler in its place.  Sunday morning we were up early so that I could take the hubby to the airport for another trip to Houston.  The rest of the day was cool and cloudy, with anticipated thunderstorms throughout the day.  Every time I thought about going out….I peeked out the window and chickened out.  I don’t mind running in the rain (I like it actually!)…but I do not think it’s smart to rain in a storm.  By late evening, I was fighting a pretty monstrous headache, so I bargained with myself that I would swap Monday’s rest day with Sunday’s long run.  It was a Canadian Holiday after all…

But upon waking up Monday morning, I was absolutely grounded with a migraine.  I laid in my room, fan blasted on high, curtains pulled to super dark mode, TV set to barely audible, and munched on a LUNA bar, thinking that I just needed to get some fresh air and I would be ok.  About 3 hours later, I got dressed, put on my body-glide, zombied out of the room to open to the balcony doors….and immediately felt nauseous.  Nope…not ready to run yet.  So I grabbed some waffles and fruit for an early lunch, thinking I could kick the migraine and be ready to run by late afternoon.  I laid on the couch, nursing a Coke, and downing 2 bottles of water so that I would be fully hydrated.  By 3 pm, I still felt woozy, so I gave up and decided to get back into my pajamas.  By 6 pm, I was able to get up and walk around without feeling nauseous, so I decided to get dressed again, do a long walk up to the river path (1 mile), and then see how I felt.  The storm had passed…the sun was trying to break through the clouds, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside!!!! 

I walked up to the river path, took a few pretty pics, and decided to run.  I made it exactly 0.20 miles and my stomach cramped, my head exploded,  and I literally thought I was going to die.  I stood doubled over for about 30 seconds, then said, screw it, I was not meant to run today.  So I took a nice long walk along the river path and then walked home.

{ Additional Workouts }

Bikini Booty Routine from Tone It Up Bikini Series.  This was a pretty good workout, although I think I liked last week’s booty workout just a bit better.

Bikini Arms Routine from Tone It Up Bikini Series.  Another great arm workout!!!  I used 2 lb. weights (or if I’m being totally honest….wine bottles….don’t judge!  My smallest weight is 5 lbs, and I knew it would be too much!)

Planks.  My own quest for 1.5 minute plank in 30 days.  Week #2


{ Scenes From My Runs }





{ Weekly Lesson } 

Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.  I tried.  I got dressed.  I did a warm-up walk.  I took sunny pictures to elevate my mood.  I started my RunKeeper.  And I ran.  But I only lasted 0.20 miles before my body said NO!  So I stopped running.  I stopped my RunKeeper.  I took another picture of the beautiful sun.  But I continued to walk.  Sometimes that run just isn’t mean to be. 

Here’s to putting my BEST FOOT forward in the coming weeks.  As for today, I’m linking up with AmandaKrysten and Ericka for #bestfoot 🙂  


2 Weeks to Go!

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{ Donate to Charity }

Hello friends!  I have just two weeks left before the Calgary Half Marathon!  Many thanks to Chelsea (fellow runner, blogger, and friend!) who was my FIRST DONOR!!!  Please join her HERE with your donation to my chosen charity – Autism Support Dogs.  Their mission:

Autism Support Dogs is a registered charity that provides professionally trained support dogs for families with an autistic child, at no cost to the family. The goal of our charity is to improve the quality of life of children with autism (ages 4-12) and their family by providing a trained autism support dog. We rely entirely on donations so that we can provide these dogs free of charge to families. It takes up to 2 years and costs our charity up to $35,000 to produce each autism support dog.

I have a fundraising goal of $100…so won’t you please, please, please help me – and these wonderful, beautiful dogs?

Guide Dog Serge

Guide Dog Serge



7 thoughts on “Calgary Half Training: Week 14

  1. Keep it up, girl! You can do it. And don’t feel bad about the missed run. Your personal safety is the most important thing ever! Also, congrats on your progress with planks, they ain’t easy. That being said, the effort is totally worth it because as we all know strong core = faster running times! xoxo

  2. Thank you for the shout out! I heard a lot of people are having trouble with migraines/serious headaches this week, so you aren’t alone! Whenever I get one, I can’t run for at least the next 24 hours. Only 2 weeks left in the training cycle, you got it!

  3. Don’t you feel awesome after conquering that arm routine with Karena!? I’m totally following Tone It Up’s calendar – I had to heal for 3 weeks from concussion but now I’m starting fresh with them. The arm routine gets me every time. Congrats on your training thus far! You can do it!

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