Calgary Half Training: Week 15

Week 15 is in the books!  We are officially less than ONE week away from the 50th Anniversary of the Calgary Marathon & Half Marathon – and our first Canadian Half Marathon!!!


It wasn’t an overly exciting week of running…partly because of the “taper” and partly because I was comfortable with just a few runs.  Monday was walking around town doing errands.  Tuesday was a walk to/from work, and also to/from my volunteering evening.  Since the weather was absolutely stunning, I decided to do an easy 3 miles just to get the legs moving.  Wednesday I decided to hop on the bike for 30 minutes and finish up with some Tone It Up arms and abs workouts.  Thursday and Friday were easy days – with lots of walking.  Saturday came around, and the hubby and I decided to do an easy 3 miles together.  Again, the weather was beautiful, so we ended up walking along the riverfront and just taking it all in.  Sunday, instead of the scheduled lower mileage, we decided to head back to the Reservoir to complete the 15K/9 Mile loop.  We were aiming for around 9:30/mile pace instead of pushing it hard (last time we completed it in 9:03/mile) – because we also wanted to run the entire loop without stopping.  And we did it!!!  There are some massive hills and lots of rolling hills that can really wipe you out, so we decided to take it a lil’ easier and see if we could run it all the way through.  Mission accomplished!!!  I was MOST DEFINITELY wiped out after mile 6…but kept my head up and chugged along.


The race is Sunday…and after 16 weeks of training, I’m quite excited/ready that my first Canadian race will be complete!

Here’s what the *tentative* final week of training looks like:


{ Additional Workouts }

Bikini Arms from Tone It Up Bikini Series.

Itty Bitty Bikini Abs from Tone It Up Bikini Series.  This was ONE TOUGH workout!!!

Planks.  My own quest for 1.5 minute plank in 30 days.  Week #3.


{ Scenes From My Runs }

Pre-Run Fuel

Pre-Run Fuel

Turnaround Point

Turnaround Point

Hot 'n' Sweaty Post Run

Hot ‘n’ Sweaty Post Run

{ Countdown }

1 Week to Go!

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{ Donate to Charity }

Hello friends!  I have just ONE week left before the Calgary Half Marathon!  Many thanks to Chelsea (fellow runner, blogger, and friend!) who was my FIRST DONOR!!!  Please join her HERE with your donation to my chosen charity – Autism Support Dogs.  Their mission:

Autism Support Dogs is a registered charity that provides professionally trained support dogs for families with an autistic child, at no cost to the family. The goal of our charity is to improve the quality of life of children with autism (ages 4-12) and their family by providing a trained autism support dog. We rely entirely on donations so that we can provide these dogs free of charge to families. It takes up to 2 years and costs our charity up to $35,000 to produce each autism support dog.

Guide Dog Serge

Guide Dog Serge



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