Daydream: Sigiriya { Sri Lanka }


Hello friends!  Today I’m { daydreaming } about the fortress of Sigiriya – an ancient, magical place in Sri Lanka.  It is both an ancient fortress and a former palace, also called the Lion’s Rock, as it stands on top of a gigantic rock of 200 meters high.  The nickname “Lion’s Rock” comes from the discovery of some gigantic paws of a lion carved in the rock.  Some say that the lion reminds believers that the truth spoken by Buddha is as strong as a lion’s roar.


This amazing place is located in Matale District of Sri Lanka, surrounded by an extensive network of gardens, water tanks, and other structures.  It is one of the seventh sites in Sri Lanka that were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is considered one of the best examples of town-planning from ancient times.  Abandoned in 1155, Sigiriya was rediscovered in 1828 bringing to the surface some important moments in the island’s historical past, which can be surmised due to impressive frescoes covering the entire western wall of the fortress.  (Image credits HERE).



2 thoughts on “Daydream: Sigiriya { Sri Lanka }

  1. This is amazing, and has just made it to my “to travel” list.
    Sigh, your blog with travel just makes me want to pack up and go! So beautiful!

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