June 2014 Running Goals

Hello friends!  I haven’t done one of these posts in a LONG time, but I find that I get in *slightly* more runs with a goal in mind.  Since I have no races lined up in the near future, I thought having some general running goals would help provide inspiration after completing Sunday’s half marathon race!

May Fitness Rewind:

  • 30 Day Personal Plank/Squats/Push-ups Challenge
    • Final #: 90 sec Plank!
    • Final #: 150 Squats
    • Final #: 35 Modified Push-ups
  • 10.9 miles Cycling (Stationary Bike)
  • 53.4 miles Walking
  • 53.9 miles Running


June 2014 Running Goals:

  • Run 1 hill workout
  • Run 2 speed/track workouts (would love to gradually introduce this back into my training!)
  • Complete 3 “naked” runs (sorry friends…I simply mean no music or pace prompts!)
  • Complete 4 morning runs (I am NOT a morning person…so once a week will be a challenge in and of itself!)
  • Run 5 days in a row (<–how did I never think twice about this in high school?!)
  • Run 6 five-milers

Did you see what I did there?  6 challenges for the 6th month!  I started with slightly different numbers, but began to see a pattern and shifted a few numbers around.  Why not spice things up a bit?!

What are some of your monthly goals?



5 thoughts on “June 2014 Running Goals

  1. I like the idea of 6 challenges for the 6th month! You came up with some great ones! I have two goals in common with you right now – morning running (I’m terrible in the morning!) And running 5 days in a row! You’re doing an awesome job setting and achieving your goals so I have no doubt that June will be a great month for you!!

    • Hello friend! Yah, I like the idea of chasing some challenges throughout the month 🙂 I’m TERRIBLE at morning runs…I have *yet* to one. Oops. I still have 20 days 🙂 Good Luck to YOU on your monthly challenge as well!

  2. I absolutely love your goals!! The “naked” runs are great!! I love the idea of no pace prompts!! Very cool!! You have a fabulous schedule here!!! Happy Friday!!

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