365 Project – May Photo Favs

On February 01, 2014 I began my 365 Project.  I’ve now completed 4 months!!!  I want to share my favorite few with you – as well as a few favs from my friends who are taking this journey with me!  Feel free to follow along, or join in the fun!  If you do sign up, send me your username so I can follow your progress and feature you on my monthly favs!

Jen’s Pics

Sien Lok Park statue. 05.01.2014


Storm Clouds Brewing 05.14.2014


Teambuilding Event 05.15.2014


Chelsea’s Pics (aka: Masher Runs!)

Roscoe.  05.20.2014 (<–I love the contrast of the straight line of the fence with the S-curve in the path!!!!)


Jenna’s Pics

Negative Space.  05.29.2014 (<–I love how the sky bleeds into the water….and you can barely tell the two apart!!!)


Monthly Favorite Recaps

June Prompts
via FatMumSlim

Just in case you need a lil’ extra something to get you started!  Remember though – the prompts really are up to your own interpretation.  Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules.  They are just there to help you get the wheels turning in case you get stuck one day!




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