10 days ago…

…I was walking back to my condo from the Calgary Half Marathon with sore legs, a sore spirit, a pretty medal, and another half marathon under my belt.  I was humbled by the experience more than I ever have been, and I think that is a good thing, as it’s all part of the sport of running.  I think that’s what keeps me coming back too – running halfs is something that isn’t easy for me, but I love the challenge at the same time.  It’s something only I can do for myself, so when I do get that perfect race, it will be so satisfying.

Looking back over the past 10 days I am definitely feeling better…and there are lots of things I KNOW, but still took a little convincing:

  • I know I finished with a good time
  • I know the race made me stronger
  • I know this race allowed me to gain perspective on my training
  • I know this race was just part of my running story

My thoughts and emotions have finally shifted from sad/disappointed to ok what’s next?!  “What can I do to make the next one better?”  This line of thinking makes me much happier. 🙂

I enjoyed my recovery week – keeping the pace steady and just getting out there to enjoy the miles, the weather, and the time alone in my thoughts.

Tuesday: 2.5 miles easy (My first June “naked” run.  Nice & easy…no pace prompts, no music…just me and the road!)
Wednesday: 2 miles stationary bike, 2 mile progressive treadmill run (National Running Day!)
Saturday: 3 miles easy w/hubby
Sunday: 5 mile treadmill run (My first June 5-miler)
Tuesday: 3 mile progressive treadmill run

Scenes from my new Tuesday route:




Happy Wednesday.

And…just because it’s been a while…a pic of Mario!




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