Currently I’m…

Hello friends!!! It has been a while since I’ve posted…so I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been happening in my life lately.

Currently I’m:

  1. Writing a recap post of our anniversary trip to St. John’s, Newfoundland – including lots of pictures and a whale-watching video!!!
  2. Preparing for visitors during the Calgary Stampede! (<– Our FIRST Stampede experience – oh so excited!!!)
    The itinerary includes: Exploring Downtown Calgary; 5-pin Bowling; Calgary Olympic Park; Calgary Stampede – Pancake Breakfasts, Rodeo, Chuckwagon Races, Food; Local Eats: Mercato, Una Pizzeria, Wild Rose Brewery; Exploring Canmore/Banff/Lake Louise.
  3. Miserably failing my June Running Goals.  To date, I’ve completed 1 five-mile run, and 2 naked runs.  *womp-womp*  I unintentionally took off for a full two weeks…I think both my mind and my body needed it.  But it really messed with attaining my goals!
  4. Debating getting a Nakiska Skiing Season Pass.  The hubby has never skied before, but if we went just three times, the pass would pay for itself.  And it’s only an hour away.  And let’s be honest….it can snow here from November to May…
  5. Brushing up on my Canadian Football rules, because we just purchased Calgary Stampeders tickets!  1 less down (3 vs. NFL 4)…larger field size…more players on the field (24 vs. NFL 22)…1 timeout per half and a 3-minute warning (vs NFL 3 timeouts and 2-minute warning)…Whew, I’m getting there!
  6. Researching for a Fall Half Marathon (preferably in B.C. so we can make a long weekend out of it!)
  7. Setting up our first Canadian doctor appointments (medical and dental).  I can’t wait to share the differences (if any) from the US system.
  8. Getting nervous-excited about my first buddy run with a new friend tomorrow!  We are running “the stairs.”  After college, I’ve only had three running buddies: the hubby, the bestie – Jenna, and my Louisiana friend – Stacy, while she trained for her first 10K.

Talk to you soon!

What’s on your mind?!



9 thoughts on “Currently I’m…

  1. Good to hear from you! Can’t wait for the recap. I can totally understand your anxiety about a new running buddy: I am super competitive, and always feel the urge to outrun the other person, which is not always a great idea 🙂 xoxo Olena

  2. Fun! Fingers crossed for a massively awesome CFL season. Here in #YEG we’re hoping the Esks can stand up this year 🙂 I just did a calendar rollback and realized I should be in Week 2 of my 21K training – DOH. I better get on that….

    • Hi…and thanks for stopping by!!! I totally enjoyed my first CFL game…but I’ve been told here is a massive rivalry between the Stamps and the Esks…so I can’t wait for the match-up 🙂 Good luck on your training!!!

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