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Hello friends!  What is RUNCH, you say?  According to Urban Dictionary, RUNCH is an activity done by individuals who run at lunch instead of eating at lunch.  And yesterday I had my first buddy run with a new friend.  Which turned into two friends!  During the lunch hour.


We jogged the 0.7 miles over to the infamous Memorial Stairs as a warm-up.  The plan was to do 5 reps.  No big deal, right?  Until you see “the stairs…”

via: Google images

via: Google images

*BOOM*  5 reps (up and down) of 167 steps over 11 platforms!!!  That is a total of 1,670 stairs.  (<– I tried to convert to mileage…and I think it’s approximately 0.5 miles.  Which doesn’t sound fair….but I guarantee you the effort was tremendous….so I’m assuming we doubled our calorie burn!!!)

Set 1: Jog up.  Jog down.

Set 2: Walk up the stairs, skipping every other step.  Quickly walk down.

Set 3: Jog the stairs, walk platforms.  Quickly walk down.  (<– At this point, my legs were shaking when I reached the top…but we were already halfway…so we kept plowing through!)

Set 4: Walk up the stairs, skipping every other step.  Quickly walk down.

Step 5: Whatever you can do!  One friend tried Hop Ups (with feet shoulder width apart, start on the ground and hop up onto the next step)…but only made it to the first platform.  Another friend tried side steps (turn body perpendicular to the step, step up with close foot, and step up to next step with far foot), and made it to the third platform.  

I tried to take a few pics as we were working it…but I warn you that they are not masterpieces!  It’s quite difficult to get good action shots while you are also moving!


But seriously…the view when you reach the top…is amazing!  You can see the park, the river, the Calgary cityscape…and our office building – which ended up being very motivating.  (Pic below is obviously not my picture, as there were too many people around for me to take a good shot…but you get the idea!)

via: Google images

via: Google images

So how did it go?  16 minutes for the full 5 sets (not including a few rests once we reached the top!!!)  I used a stopwatch app to count each lap.  The odd laps are the UP and the even laps are the DOWN.

Average UP: 1:49.5 minutes
Average DOWN: 1:21.6 minutes

We then walked back the 0.7 miles to the office.  Nice, easy cool-down.


So…what do you do after a RUNch workout?  Simple terms – You clean up, head back to your office to scarf down your lunch, and get back to work.  In reality, it depends on how much you sweat…honest to goodness.  If you are not a heavy sweater, you can get away with washing off your face/neck with either soap & water or baby wipes, applying deodorant, and that’s it.  But on the other hand, if you are a heavy sweater (like me!), you head back to the work gym, take a quick shower (preferably with lukewarm or cool water to get your body temperature back down), throw your wet hair into a neat bun, and then get on your way.  All in all, for my first RUNch, I had a great experience.  I typically work out after work, but love the idea that if you have a solid 45-60 minutes for a lunch break, you can get in a decent 20-30 minute workout, clean-up, eat at your desk, and return to work (feeling invigorated and fresh), which then leaves your evening open!!!

Do you want to try a stair workout?  Here are a couple additional links I found via Pinterest that I think you would enjoy:

 Do you RUNch?  Any tips to get it all done in under an hour?



6 thoughts on “RUNch Date

  1. I have an hour lunch break, and I’m tempted to make it into a ranch break! I just know I would be stressed about time and wouldn’t want to be late. I’d only have 10 minutes to shower/get ready 😦 But it does sound like fun, especially with other coworkers!

    • It was a lot of fun 🙂 Perhaps if you have a “down day” one day, you can try a mini-run! I think I took the world’s quickest shower!! And I totally wore my hair in a wet bun and ate at my desk. But it was still worth it!

    • Oh. My. Gosh! Brutal is correct 🙂 I thought I was champ by keeping up with the girls…but I was so sore for 2 (maybe 3!) days!!! haha. But I actually enjoyed it, and know I’ll be back. What is wrong with us?! haha.

  2. That’s awesome! I LOVE running stairs. My friend and I used to run Landsdowne Park stadium stairs a lifetime ago. Such a great workout! I wish I could run at lunch but I feel so gross sitting at my desk after. Sometimes I have an interview in the afternoon too so I don’t want to look too nasty 🙂 We don’t have a shower or gym for that matter at my office 😦 Have fun with this!

    • Hmmm….no gym…and no shower…could make washing off a bit tricky 🙂 I would suggest wiping down with some baby wipes – but even I’m not that brave!!! I read somewhere too that people take lil’ 5 minute breaks throughout the day and do the inside stairs – a set or two. I think if I tried that, I’m come out of the stairwell red faced and panting and would scare my co-workers 🙂

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