Outrunning the Rain. Twice.

Hello friends!  I had a pretty good weekend, even though the hubby had to work EVERY DAY!  I cleaned the house a bit on Saturday morning, then went to my first Canadian Football League (CFL) game with a friend.  I mentioned before that I had to brush up on my CFL rules, because they are slightly different from American Football.  And of course we watched some of the plays, and cheered when there were touchdowns, but to be honest – the Calgary Stampeders ended up taking a backseat to the 3 hours of friendly chatting!  We did devour enjoy some stadium popcorn, and I had my first Molson Canadian beer.   It was forecasted to rain most of the day, but we decided to go to the game anyway and watch at least until it started raining.  But it ended up being beautiful out with the sun shining, and I even got a bit of a tan!  The atmosphere was a lot of fun – and the fans were good fans – but the pace was a bit slow because the Montreal Alouettes didn’t even score until the 3rd quarter…and then it was only 1 point.  They finally scored again in the 4th quarter, but we were so far ahead that we slipped away from the game (along with many others) with about 8 minutes to go.  The billboard stated that there were 22,000+ in attendance at the game – but it definitely didn’t feel crowded, as I saw quite a few empty seats.  I heard there is a pretty good rivalry between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos – so I can’t wait to go to that game with the hubby!  And even though we left 8 minutes early, it was perfect timing because the rain started to fall as we were walking back to the car!  It didn’t last long…but I was glad that we were able to enjoy the afternoon!  After the game, we picked up another friend and headed out for some coffee and shopping!


On Sunday morning, I woke up early and rode in to the office with the hubby, since I had left my workout bag at work.  Once I was there, I pulled out my phone to check the weather, and it was only 20% chance of rain at 8 am, but 40% chance at 9 am.  As it was just before 7 am, I thought I could get in a decent run within the hour, so I quickly changed, and headed out the door.  I brought all my gear, but when I got to the path, I noticed that I was the only one around.  It was SO QUIET and PEACEFUL, with no sounds but nature, that I put my music and headphones away, deciding to add another “naked” run check mark to my June goals.  I am so glad that I made that decision, because the birds were chirping, the squirrels were chattering, and the river was babbling – and I started to truly enjoy the run!  It felt like it had been so long since I’ve just had fun on the run…that I decided to stop every so often and take pics.  I found a small statue garden about 2 miles/3 kM in that gave me a lil’ extra motivation: statue reading, “GO WEST YOUNG WOMAN.”  As I was already heading West, I it made me chuckle before continuing on.  When I stopped to take a pic of the bridge, a friendly female stopped to ask me if the path was open on the other side of the bridge, and I told her that sadly, I didn’t know, as I had just come from the east.  She said that if I wanted some really beautiful pictures, to continue on past the “path closed” sign, and I would not be disappointed.  She must have seen the fear on my face (yes, I’m a stickler for rules!!), and said, don’t worry, lots of runners use the path.  So I decided to take a chance and “go beyond.”  And it was so much fun!  I passed the railroad tracks, and even found some wooded trails, and this amazing lookout spot that gave a panorama cityscape view!  (Upper right-hand pic below…the dark clouds make it hard to see the city, but I bet it’s amazing on a clear day!)  I finally decided to turn around and head back into the city, as the clouds were getting darker and heavier, and I wanted to outrun the rain!!!  And you know what….I ended up with five enjoyable miles.

PS – I did pass two other runners, one leaving the path as I was entering, and one entering as I was leaving…so I felt MUCH less intimidated to enter!


How was your weekend?  Have you ever went on a forbidden pathway??



3 thoughts on “Outrunning the Rain. Twice.

  1. I saw everyone going to the game on my way home from Color me Rad on Saturday. And I know exactly where that do not enter part of that path is. I’ve never entered (also a stickler for the rules), but I’m going to try it now!

    • HI Jen! I’m glad I’m not the only one who follows rules 🙂 hehe. To be honest, I only went about 1 km into the path…but I would love to go further next time! When I googled it…it looks like it heads over to Edworthy Park…and also branches out into the Douglas Fir trails?! I’m not sure where/why it’s blocked off…but I can only assume for the safety of everyone when the river gets high. If you go further…do share with me!!!

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