Thinking Out Loud // 07.24.2014

Hello friends!  I’m joining up again with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her “Thursdays are for…Thinking Out Loud” series.  What’s in it for me?  A brain dump.  What’s in it for you?  Total randomness!  Enjoy!

Mainly Marathons.  Has anyone heard of this site (HERE)?!  I recently stumbled upon this on the “Half 2 Run” Facebook page (since I’m on a personal quest for a half marathon in half the states!)  This group is dedicated to setting up multiple half marathons in multiple states over a series of days…just to help people cross-off states on their Half Marathon States Challenge!!!  Amazing.  They primarily focus on a series of 5 – for example: Center of the Nation Series.  September 17-21, 2014.  MT ND SD WY NE.  They’ve recently unveiled a New England Series: August 24-30, 2015. ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY.  That’s 7 half marathons in 7 states in 7 days!!!  I personally do not currently have the stamina to run 5 (or 7!) half marathons back to back…but for someone who is looking to cross-off a few states, while having a lil’ bit of fun traveling, this is an awesome idea!

Salmon Run.  The hubby came home the other day and told me that a co-worker told him about a run I needed to look into in British Columbia (BC) called The Salmon Run.  I love recommendations from locals, so I wrote it down to research the next day, which was my day off from work.  I googled it and googled it and googled it…and still could not find it.  I did come cross “The Little White Salmon Race” – which included pictures like the first one below (which is pretty darn cool) – but thought maybe the hubby’s co-worker misunderstood that I like to RUN a race…not kayak.  So on Monday morning at work I was talking to two co-workers about this “Salmon Run” and one of the girls laughs and says, “Yes – they are all over B.C.”  I said, “Perfect!  Do they have the half marathon?  Maybe we should make it a girls trip!”  So she laughed again, then proceeded to explain to me that the “Salmon Run” is not a race, but a time of year when salmon head into the rivers to spawn.  Many people love to hike and hang out and watch the salmon jumps as they head up-river.  Ah….true Canadian Humor.  To top it off, my other co-worker thought it was so funny that she sent me the second picture below.  Hardy-har-har…joke is on the American!  🙂


Salmon Run

Mount Rundle.  Our friend who took us for our first Snowshowing experience recently told us she was considering a scramble to the top of Mount Rundle…a feat she has wanted to do her whole life since it’s her favorite mountain, but has never gotten around to it.  I mean…look at the picture below – it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!  And it just so happens that “Hike a Mountain” is on my Summer Bucket List!!!  But then…I researched it.  A lot of people mentioned the fact that it was not for beginners, but could be done if you are “fit.”  One should expect to hike 4-5 hours…in each direction.  HOWEVER – the views from the summit are EPIC.  I think I spent 30 minutes on YouTube watching condensed videos of the hikes…and the absolutely breathtaking views from the top.  Hmm…we have 1 week to decide.  Thoughts?


Calgary Zoo.  My work is AWESOME.  There are always opportunities to be involved in the community…to explore your city…to maintain a work-life balance.  Via an e-mail draw, I recently won 2 tickets to the Calgary Zoo!!!  Another item on my Summer Bucket List!!!  The hubby and I love going to zoos (our favorite so far is the San Diego Zoo!) – so I feel a date day coming up soon!

Corporate Challenge.  Another work-related item…but every year Calgary holds a Corporate Challenge, an Olympic-style event for the city’s business community.  Out of a list of 20+ events, we were asked to submit our top preferences.  I chose: 10K Run, Volleyball, and Urban Orienteering, with Softball as my honorable mention.  I’ve already received an email for the volleyball team – but it seems that last year they were quite competitive and only have a limited 12 spots available…determined via try-outs.  Yikes…I was just thinking it would be FUN to play.  I may back out of that one.  But then I received an email about the 10K run…and it reminded me of high school cross-country: only the top 3 men and top 3 women would be “scored”, and everyone else can “run for fun.”  I was feeling pretty good, until I read the final line, “If you are a more competitive runner (sub-45 10KM personal best, for instance) I would ask that you please make yourself known to facilitate the process of selecting scored runners.”  Man…this corporate challenge is brutal!!!  My PR is 54 minutes…and I’ve currently set my goal to a sub-50 time…so it looks like I’m going to be a “fun runner” after all!  Good thing is, I can use it as a good Speed Workout for my fall half marathon (once I find one!)


What’s on your mind?



3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud // 07.24.2014

  1. What’s on my mind? 1. Vacation! I have yet to take a vacation this year, and my brain is ready for it. Now I just need to figure out where. 2. A second marathon in 2014. In the back of my mind, the thought of becoming a marathon maniac has been dancing around, so I need to decide if I’m serious about it or not.

  2. A trip to the zoo? Woop! I haven’t been to the one in Calgary since I was about… 15? So around 14 years ago 😆 And probably about 21 years since I’ve been at the San Diego zoo. Eep! I feel so old now… And that picture your co-worker sent you totally cracked me up. Salmon running at its finest 😉

  3. That mountain!! I vote: go for it!! and please follow up with lots of pictures blog post. Lol! just kidding. That seems pretty intense, but do it if you can! I bet it would be an adventure and a half

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