Leave It All On The Road // 08.26.2014

Hello again!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap!  There is nothing too exciting to report, as my fitness training has been pretty consistent; not that I’m  going to complain!!!  The weather is getting slightly cooler, so it will be exciting to figure out Canadian fall/winter weather training gear.  I’ve been trying to slowly increase my mileage at a faster pace – primarily because of the upcoming corporate challenge.  I signed up for the 10K event, and the fastest three women on each team get scored.  There are 9 women on our team…all excellent athletes.  But I really want to beat my best time of 54 minutes at the Run on the Bayou 10K back in February 2012!  We shall see how my training has paid off on September 7th…


{ Aug 18 – Aug 24, 2014 }

  • Monday: Cardio: 2 mile walk; Other: 1 Hour Softball Practice
  • Tuesday: Cardio: 2 mile walk
  • Wednesday: Cardio: 3 mile walk, 3 mile run
  • Thursday: Cardio: 2 mile walk, 3 mile run; Other: 1 Hour, 45 minutes Volleyball Practice
  • Friday: Cardio: 4 mile walk, 3 mile run
  • Saturday:  Cardio: 5.8 mile walk, 4.7  mile walk
  • Sunday:  Cardio: 3 mile walk, 6 mile run

Walking – 26.1 miles
Biking – NA
Elliptical –  NA
Running – 15 miles
Strength – NA
Extra: 1 softball practice, 1 volleyball practice, 1 baby-sitting session of a 3-year-old

{ Notes From My Runs }

08.20 – Treadmill Run: 1.5m@7.0, 0.5m@7.1,7.2,7.0

08.21 – Treadmill Run: 2.75m@7.0, last 0.25m@7.1. Felt strong, but stomach issues last two days :/

08.22 – Treadmill Run: Easy, steady run today…legs feeling a bit heavy. 6.5 treadmill pace.

08.24 – Outdoor long run with the hubby.  SUPER consistent timing on miles.  First mile felt heavy.  Ate GU Chomps at mile 2.5, but stomach felt really empty at mile 4.5.  Another GU Chomp at mile 5.  Thought about adding extra mile at end, but kept with 6 miles.

{ Scenes from my Weekend }

Hmm…due to the heavy number of Treadmill runs, I don’t really have any exciting pics to show.

How was YOUR weekly fitness program?




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