Leave It All On The Road // 09.01.2014

Hello again!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap!  This past week we did a LOT of walking!  Since we had a 4-day weekend (Friday off + Labor Day), the hubby and I took advantage of the extra time, and completed a 4-5 mile walk once in the morning, and once in the evening.  Also, due to enjoying some College Football action at the pub on Saturday, we made the decision to move Sunday’s long run to Monday, September 1st…so my mileage looks a little short!


{ Aug 25 – Aug 31, 2014 }

  • Monday: Cardio: 2 mile walk
  • Tuesday: Cardio: 1 mile walk
  • Wednesday: Cardio: 2 mile walk, 3 mile run
  • Thursday: Cardio: 3 mile walk; Abs + Strength: 3 x 45 sec plank
  • Friday: Cardio: 1 mile walk, 4 mile run
  • Saturday: Cardio: 7 mile walk, 3 mile run
  • Sunday: Cardio: 4.4 mile walk, 6.9 mile walk

Walking – 27.3 miles
Biking – NA
Elliptical –  NA
Running – 10 miles
Strength – 1 Plank Session

{ Notes From My Runs }

08.27 – Treadmill Run: 0.5m@6.8, 7.0, 1.0m@7.2, 0.5m@7.0, 6.8

08.29 – Treadmill Run: 3.0m@6.9, 1.0m@7.1 (This was a very exciting run for me, as I was able to complete 4 miles at an average of 8:36/mile!  If I can maintain this pace for the upcoming 10K – then I will finish in 53 minutes…a new PR!)

08.30 – Treadmill Run: 2 miles @ 8:36 pace, 1 mile at 9:31 pace

{ Scenes from my Weekend }

Hmm…due to the heavy number of Treadmill runs, I don’t really have any exciting pics to show.  Once my 10K training for the September Corporate Challenge is completed this Sunday, September 7th, I will return to normal outdoor runs.

How was YOUR weekly fitness program?




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