4 Mountains in 4 Days

Hello friends!  I know it’s been a bit…and I have a lot to recap…so I’ll leave you with some favorite pics from our latest adventure – hiking in Banff National Park.  And as the title suggests…yes, we did indeed hike 4 different mountains in 4 days.  Detailed hiking plans coming soon 🙂  Enjoy!


Day 1 – Mt. Bourgeau (Moderate to Difficult 28 KM trail – Elevation is 9,616 feet/2,931 meters)


Day 2 – Mt. Rundle (Extreme 13 KM trail – Elevation is 9,672 feet/2,948 meters)


Day 3 – Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass/Mt. Temple (Difficult 16 KM trail – Elevation is 11,627 feet/3,544 meters)


Day 4 – Fairview Mountain (Difficult 10 KM trail – Elevation is 9,003 feet/2,744 meters)




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