Leave It All On The Road // 10.20.2014

Hello friends!  It’s time for my recent fitness recap! Let’s just say I’ve been struggling a bit a lot on my running.  It seems that ever since my 10K on Sept. 7th (over a month ago!) I just haven’t been putting in the miles.  I haven’t really been motivated to run.  To be honest, and probably TMI for some, I was having some major stomach issues the last 5 weeks.  At first I thought it was because I ate a lot of candy over Labor Day weekend (I’m not a huge sweets fan)…then it continued into the next week.  And then I thought that perhaps I was nervous for my 10K run.  I know, I know…it’s just a fun run…but I’m like that!  Then it continued into week 3.  By this time, the hubby was saying I should see a doctor…just to ask about it.  I started to feel a little bit better that weekend…but it flared up again.  So….uummph…I went to the doctor.  His first thought was that it was a stomach virus that has going around locally…but he didn’t like the idea that it’s lasted longer than two weeks.  He didn’t seem TOO concerned, but he did order some basic tests to try his theory.  The results came in – and NADA!  Dr. said that if it was just a virus, it has “already passed through” my system.  Sure didn’t feel like it…  But alas…after five weeks of being uncomfortable, the issues started letting up.  And by the sixth week, mid-October, I was about 90% better.  This week….back to normal.  Perhaps it was a stomach virus that my body just DID NOT like and couldn’t shake.  Needless to say, I have slowly been able to add running back into my schedule over the last two weeks…and now I finally have a fitness update!


{ Sep 15 – Oct 19, 2014 }

Walking – 68.7 miles
Biking – 10.45 miles
Elliptical – NA
Running – 21.1 miles
Hiking – 62 KM
Strength – 1

{ Fitness Notes }

09.15 – Super fast 5K! Felt fresh.  Summer is back!!  Ran along Eau Claire and Bow River. (3.1 miles)

09.27 – Tough 3-mile run after some time off. Hydrated, but only bars for lunch.  An awesome 48* outside.  1 very slow cool-down mile . (4 miles)

09.27 – Cool down cycle (3 miles) in gym when waiting in hubby to finish his run.

09.28 – Lovely outdoor run…took my time…snaked the streets to get in the last mile. (5 miles)

09.28 – Cool-down cycle – 1 mile.

10.01 – Hiking: 25k Difficult Mt. Bourgeau

10.02 – Hiking: 12K Extreme Mt. Rundle

10.03 – Hiking: 15K Difficult Mt. Temple

10.04 – Hiking: 10K Difficult Fairview Mountain

10.12 – Treadmill Run.  1.6m@6.7, 0.3m@6.8, 0.05m@6.9,7.0. First time trying new form: toe to mid-strike (vs. heel strike) after 0.6m until end of run. Wanted to run outside (57*), but winds at 14mph….didn’t feel like fighting them on first run back after a long time off. (2 miles)

10.13 – 1 mile warm-up jog on treadmill before stationary bike for 6.45 miles. (1 mile)

10.14 – Treadmill Run. 1.5m@6.8, 1.25m@6.9_ 0.25m@7.0 (3 miles)

10.19 – Treadmill Run @6.7. Took whole 1.5m to warm up and quit thinking about quitting every 30 sec… But at least I ran. (3 miles)

{ Scenes From My Runs  }

Along Eau Claire River Path

Along Eau Claire River Path

Along Elbow River

Along Elbow River – Leaves are turning…

Along Elbow River - Leaves are falling everywhere!

Along Elbow River – Leaves are falling everywhere!

Hidden path high above the Elbow River

Hidden path high above the Elbow River

How is YOUR fitness training going?




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