Leave It All On The…Couch? // 10.27.2014

Hello friends!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap!  Truth be told…I did absolutely NOTHING this past week.  After finally getting back into the groove (running 4 days!), I had a mini-accident – self-inflicted, of course!- that prevented me from even walking.  I’ve mentioned numerous times on the blog that I’m a SUPER KLUTZ…and, well…I did it again.  I hit my foot.  On my bed.  And it was instant pain.  It swelled up a bit…and turned purple…and I literally could not put any pressure on it without the tears welling up.  This was Sunday evening.  I thought maybe I just bruised it…so I’d see how things went over the next few days.  On Monday morning I almost passed out from the pain when I got out of bed.  So I made a Dr. appointment for Tuesday AM.  The Dr. immediately ordered an x-ray saying that he did not feel it was not broken, but likely fractured.  Are you kidding me?!  Results came back Wednesday, and the best news…no fracture!  It was a serious soft-tissue injury, hence the immediate white arch surrounded by purple bruising.  Diagnosis: RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  And no running until the swelling goes down and I can walk without crying.  He said once I could fit a running shoe on my foot, I could attempt a low-effort cycle.  Or I could swim.  I did neither.  The hubby was a CHAMP all week, making me sit on the couch and not letting me get up for ANYTHING.  No walking to/from work.  No standing to cook or clean.  No delivering lunch.  And wearing flats all day, every day.

End result – I could FINALLY walk around a bit on Friday – 4 blocks to the hairdresser and back.  I was also able to complete a few errands on Saturday – walking more than the total 3,200 steps I had done the rest of the week (UGH – I cringe even writing that!!!).  I discovered that I can once again walk up and down stairs at a semi-normal pace.  But due to the “increased activity” for two days, and some slight soreness, I decided to take it easy again yesterday (3,500 steps).  This morning, I was delighted to be able to put on real shoes again for work!  Here’s to hoping that I can work out again by this weekend!

So if I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and in the blogosphere…it’s because I’ve been pouting.  And now you know why.


How is YOUR fitness training going?




6 thoughts on “Leave It All On The…Couch? // 10.27.2014

  1. ouuucchhh!!! That sucks! Glad it’s not broken though; quicker healing time. Feel better!!! I played goalie during my weekly soccer game, so I slacked off without even being hurt. hahaha oops 😀

    • Thanks Leana! I’m definitely taking the time off from running in hopes that it heals faster 🙂 So far so good…I’m going to walk a bit this weekend and see how it holds up. PS – I liked your blog post today about how you “became a runner.”

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