Five Things Friday // Everything is Awesome!

Hello friends Happy Halloween!!!  Today I’m joining up with Clare at fitting it all in for “Five Things Friday.”  Enjoy!


  1. Gallery Wall for My Office. I am seriously obsessing about creating a new gallery wall for my office.  We just moved onto a renovated floor – and I have a WHOLE WALL that I can cover with special glimpses of places and moments we’ve enjoyed.  And add in some artsy and cute and funny prints that make me smile every time I walk in!  I’ve already found a few pieces that I just love – check out some of my potentials below.  I can’t wait to share the final product with you!!!
  2. Favorite Blast From the Past:  Dear Photograph website.  Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.  Really creative idea – and such a stunning outcome!  Dear Photograph, It was 70 years ago when my mother dipped her toes in Lake Cavloc, Switzerland along side her father and sister. Beauty was all around them and so were the echoes of youth. My mother’s view has changed now that she lives in a nursing home. Wouldn’t it have been something if the waters they had danced in had washed the fountain of youth over them…Peter.DearPhotograph
  3. Christmas in DC!  I mentioned it before…but I absolutely cannot wait to visit Washington, DC in December.  I’ve already put in a request for an official White House Tour…so fingers crossed that we make the cut!  The total nerd in me has already started a list of Must See’s and Must Do’s…now I’m gathering recommendations for restaurants.  SEND ME YOUR FAVORITES!!!Nancy Pelosi Lights Capitol Christmas Tree
  4. Blog Love.  I have developed some plans to help me put some major focus on the blog next year.  It will be 4 years in January since I’ve started this endeavor.  There are days when I cannot wait to put my thoughts, feelings, experiences “out there” and share with you all…but lately…there have been more and more days that I just feel stymied.  I know part of the “slumpity slump lump” is that I’m not racing.  I completed ONE race this year.  So next year I want to ramp up – on all fitness fronts.  I want to try a cycling class…and Barre class…add in some weekly stair workouts…and possibly a month of Cross-Fit in the summer when the hubby’s work schedule is so insanely busy.  And I would love to fit in a couple of half marathons in the northern US states for my “Half the States” challenge.  I have also stalled out a bit on social media…so I want to pick that back up again.  I want to connect and share!  I have just joined an Expat Blog website, so that I can also start “officially” documenting my time as an expat in Canada.  This year has flown by, so I know our limited 2-3 year assignment here will be over in the blink of an eye…and I want to embrace as much as I can!
  5. The Lego Movie. If I’m being honest – I totally did not want to watch this movie!!!  I first saw a preview when the hubby and I were in flight – and I just shook my head at the stiff LEGO characters “talking” and thought…UGH.  Then we watched it with an awesome 3-year old while babysitting…and I literally couldn’t stop humming the song for days.

And now…so your day can be awesome…(you’re welcome!)

What’s on your mind?



2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday // Everything is Awesome!

  1. Ah, we’re going to DC in December too! I used to live there so am excited to get to play tour guide. I hope you get white house tickets. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. It’s a great city.

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