Hiking // Banff National Park // Fairview Lookout

As we approached the end of our Fairview Mountain hike, we paused at the sign and decided to complete the short 3.2 km round trip hike, elevation gain of 400 ft (122 meters), to Fairview Lookout.

Spectacular view!

Spectacular view!

Fairview Lookout trail info (via: TrailPeaks.com)

Difficulty: Easy
Distance:  3.2 km roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 400 feet/122 meters
Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
Location:  Chateau Lake Louise – the trail begins between the parking lot and the canoe-rental kiosk.

This is a short, steep hike which offers amazing views of both the lake and the historic chateau.  After a quick 0.6 km, we soon arrive at the longer Saddleback Pass Trail junction which leads to trail junctions for the summit of Fairview Mountain and access to Paradise Valley.  The Fairview Lookout trail to the right is a consistent uphill which levels before making a short descent to the wooden platform hosting interpretive signs.  The view down to the Chateau Lake Louise is spectacular!!!


Trail Sign


Beginning of Trail


1 km to go…


First view from the Lookout.


The sun is starting to peek out…and the lake color is magnificent!


In full sunlight…with a hint of a rainbow!




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