Leave It All On The Road // 11.24.2014

Hello friends!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap!  I didn’t do much fitness the week before last…so technically…it’s a two-week update.  However…I think I’m finally ready to keep this momentum going!  I’ve been introducing some strength exercises to my weekly routine, and my running mileage this past week (14.6 miles) is the highest it’s been since the first week of September!!!  I was finally able to meet up with my friend, Liz, for a buddy run on Friday.  It was really nice to just run at a conversational pace and not worry about pace or distance.  We just started running and ran until we wanted to stop!  Of course, the numbers nerd that I am, recorded the run after the fact…but during the run it was nice to just run.


{ Nov 10 – Nov 23, 2014 }

Walking – 23 miles
Biking – 1 miles
Elliptical – NA
Running – 16.1 miles
Strength – 3 sessions

{ Fitness Notes }

11.10 – REST

11.11 – Cardio: Morning walk with hubby. SUPER cold out! -15*C. Stanley Park loop. (4.45 miles); Treadmill walk at work gym (1.61 miles); Strength: Upper Body

11.12 – Cardio: 1 mile walk; 1.5 mile run

11.13 –Cardio: Walk to/from work (2 miles)

11.14 – Cardio: Walk to/from work (2 miles)

11.15 – Cardio: Quick walk at work gym to get the legs moving (3 miles)

11.16 – REST

11.17 – Cardio: 1 mile walk; 1.5 mile run

11.18 – REST

11.19 – Cardio: Walk to work (1 mile); 1 mile walk, 2 mile run

11.20 – Cardio: 1 mile walk; Strength: Tone It Up strength sessions – 3 Moves for Sexy,Sculpted Shoulders (x3); 3 Moves for Sexy Upper Back; 3 Moves for Toned Thighs

11.21 – AM Cardio: 1 mile warm-up walk; Buddy run with Liz! We did conversation pace the whole time…it was really nice – the miles flew by! (4.6 miles); PM Cardio: 1.42 mile warm-up/cool-down walk; PM Strength: Upper Body; Jump Rope Ladder (7 minutes); Tone It Up Bikini Arms; Tone It Up Malibooty

11.22 – Cardio: 3.5 mile outdoor run around Eau Claire; 1 mile stationary bike; 0.6 mile cool-down walk

11.23 – Cardio: 1.55 mile walk; 3 miles Treadmill run

{ New Workouts}

You  may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that I’ve been doing some strength sessions.  I take bits and pieces of workouts from around the fitness blogging community, and have been trying various sets to figure out what I like and want to incorporate long-term.  Below are some examples of what I’ve done lately:

UpperCore  LowerCore

How is YOUR fitness training going?




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