Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap 2014


Hello friends!  This year I signed up to be part of the Canadian Blogger Christmas Ornament swap, organized by Leigh from All You Need is Love. A few weeks ago we were randomly paired and sent an email with information on our exchange partner.  I was paired up with the lovely Katie from Polka Dot Soup who lives all the way over on the other side of Canada in Nova Scotia!  I recently received her package in the mail – and am so excited to share with you!  This is the first year that either of us have participated, so we were both looking forward to the fun of a blogger swap!  We swapped addresses and hinted at some “general ideas” of our Christmas decor.  I was pretty broad, telling Katie about my two fun trees – one dedicated to penguins, and the other my “life” tree, which is mainly lil’ ornaments that remind me of places we’ve lived or visited, events we’ve attended, or objects that remind me of my friends and family.  I also let her know that we were “new to Canada” – and let her run with it!

The card Katie sent me was fantastic – it was made locally by a special needs workshop!  And her message was so sweet and thoughtful!


For the ornaments, Katie sent me EXACTLY what I’ve been wishing for – new Canadian themed ornaments!!!  I’m serious guys…it could not have been more perfect!  They are “toques” – or the Canadian version of toboggans/winter hats/beanies.

O, Canada!

 She also sent along some Christmas gift tags, fun paper straws, and a yummy marshmallow & caramel chocolate santa.

Look at all the goodies!

A huge THANK YOU to Katie for the adorable ornaments!  Look how WONDERFUL they fit in on my life tree!

New Canadian ornament next to “Our First House” ornament!


New Canadian ornament next to Mario’s first ornament!

The Christmas blogger swap was such a fun idea – so another shout out to Leigh is in order! 🙂



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