December Shenanigans

Hello friends!  We got back from the US a few days ago. Because of the amount of time we were in the States, I decided to take some time off from blogging + social media so that I could enjoy the time there.  So here’s what I was up to in the last month of 2014: exploring historic Washington, D.C. – enjoying the holidays with family in WV – shopping in Pittsburgh, PA – fighting not one, but TWO, colds – and lots of fitness/blog planning for 2015!

Washington, DC

December 11th – Fly from Calgary to Washington, D.C.  Arrive in the city at 11:15 pm.  Grab our bags and hop on the last metro train (11:30 PM) into the city.  Due to construction work, arrive at hotel near midnight.  Check into hotel and crash into beds.

December 12th/13th – Explore D.C.  We walked down to the mall to see all the monuments…explored the National Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum…went inside the Smithsonian Castle…ate at Hard Rock Café and Capital City Brewery…and lots and lots and lots of walking around the city!

December 14th – Take shuttle bus to airport.  Hop onto a quick flight to home airport.  Grab rental car.  Drive home!

DCcollage1 Lincoln Washington WW2Memorial

West Virginia

December 15th through 28th – Home for the Holidays.  Since the hubby and I are from the same home town, going home for the holidays is EXTRA special for us!  We get to spend the time with both families – Christmas Eve day with my parents and niece and nephew…Christmas Eve with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and niece and nephews, Christmas Day morning with my parents, Christmas Day afternoon with my extended family, and Christmas Day evening with my father-in-law and family.  We continued the tradition of baking personal pizzas at my mother-in-laws house before sitting down to open gifts.  I was SUPER excited to open gifts with my brother’s lil’ one…since this was first time I’ve seen her in a year.  She was walking and starting to talk!!!  Such a fun age!  And to top off the travel home on holiday tradition…I got sick.  Twice.  Other than that….we had a fabulous holiday season! 🙂


Pittsburgh, PA

December 29th – Drive to Pittsburgh for the day.  We had decided to do a bit of shopping at the outlet mall – and it was a huge success!  We did happy hour and dinner at the hotel.  We were early to bed…and early to rise.

December 30th – 6:45 AM flight from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis.  Flight at MSP was supposed to leave at 9:30 AM, but due to some maintenance issues, was going to be delayed until 5:00 pm.  We found an alternative flight at 11:30 AM headed to Edmonton, which is just over a 2-hour drive from Calgary, so we took it!  Once we landed, we grabbed a rental car, and headed home.  We were EAGERLY greeted by Mr. Mario with about a thousand meows!!!

And some other exciting news…

I logged into my email account on December 19th and received an amazing early Christmas gift!!!  I was selected as a 2015 Rock ‘N’ Roll Blogger!!!  That means that I get to be a social media ambassador for the Rock ‘n’ Roll series.  My long-time readers may remember that my first R’n’R race was the 2012 R’n’R NOLA (New Orleans) race.  I will select three races this year to participate in…and will have some fun discounts and goodies for my readers along the way!!!  More to come soon!


December Fitness

I really, really, really did not do much fitness once we left for vacation.  I ran the morning that we flew into DC…but then I just didn’t “feel like it” once we were in town for a few days.  The hotel had an awesome gym. – which I did use once…for a 30 minute elliptical session.  The other two days I just wanted to sleep in and relax!  Once we got home, I took a few days off just hanging out with the family, and before I knew it, it had been a week since I’d worked out.  So I finally went for a lil’ 4 miler on the country roads on Thursday, December 18th.  It was an awesome run – although full of rolling hills, I ran 4 miles at an average of 8:32/mile!  Then the weekend came and I knew I would be busy hanging out and shopping again, so I went for another 4 miler around our downtown park on Saturday, and ended with yet another awesome pace – 8:36/mile!!  Monday came around, and suddenly I felt HORRIBLE.  I came down with a 24-hour virus…violently vomiting roughly every 20-30 minutes for 6 hours.  (Sorry…that’s prolly TMI!)  Then I think I went into a coma and slept the next 18 hours before getting up to eat half a can of soup at 9pm!!!  I took it easy…and then the next morning it was Christmas Eve day.  Although I felt better, the hubby and I were in a whirlwind of holiday festivities.  I think I had a marathon of eating and no exercise 🙂  Fast forward to December 26th, where I again went out for a run on the back country roads, and completed 4 miles at an 8:32/mile pace!  There must be something in the air…I haven’t been that consistent in my runs for…oh…I can’t even remember!  Overall, even though the mileage was quite low, I was more than happy to be with friends and family during the holidays and let my running take a back seat.  For the three runs that I did get in…I amazed even myself.  Perhaps I needed some time off to recharge?!

Whew to a whirlwind end to 2014…and now…CHEERS to a New Year!





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