Leave It All On The Road // 2015 Running Resolutions


A few days into the new year, and it’s still hard to believe that 2014 is over!  I just updated my Shoestrings page, and I must admit, I am quite disappointed in my 2014 running performance.  I basically did not run in January (due to the never-ending cold!) or October (due to my minor foot injury).  If I’m taking an honest look at myself and my performance…my motivation just wasn’t there.  I didn’t put in the mileage week after week.  I wasn’t consistent in my training.  My first run over 5 miles wasn’t until mid-March.  I only did 14 runs with mileage of five miles or more.  (One a month…ouch!)  Who knows….maybe part of it’s moving to a new (quite colder) location.  Maybe part of it is adjusting to city runs vs. sub-division and nature trails.  Maybe part of it’s losing my hubby as a consistent training partner due to long work hours in the summer.  Most likely though, it’s simply the fact that I wasn’t disciplined enough…didn’t quite want it enough.  In comparison: in 2012 I completed 9 races (3 half marathons); in 2013 I completed 4 races (3 half marathons); last year – just one race – a half marathon.  Despite my setbacks, there are a couple of highlights to celebrate:

2014 Running

Miles Ran:  459 miles!  Even though I had a pretty aggressive goal of 600 miles….I still rocked it for the year with some pretty good mileage (if you disregard the lackluster months of January and October!)


Half Marathon #8 – Calgary Half Marathon.  My first international race!

2014 pushed me further away from my goals than I can even begin to explain – but it also motivates to me that I can pick up the pieces and continue running.  I am ready to get moving.  To race.  To push my limits.  To set PRs.  I am ready to run through 2015!  I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for me…and can’t wait to share it all with you along the way!


** Most likely to run

January 17 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 1 (5k or 10K) **

February 07 // Calgary, AB, Canada // Hypothermic Half

March 15 // Calgary, AB, Canada // The Original St. Patrick’s Day Road Race (5K or 10K) **

April 11 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 2 (5k or 10K or 15K) **

April 26 // Calgary, AB, Canada // Calgary Police Half Marathon

May 16 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 3 (5k or 10K or 21.1K)

May 17 // Portland, OR, USA // Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half **

May 31 // Calgary, AB, Canada // Calgary Half Marathon

June 13 // Seattle, WA, USA // Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half **

June 20 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 4 (5k or 10K)

June 21 // Banff, AB, Canada // Banff Half Marathon

July 18 // Glenbow Ranch, AB, Canada // MEC 5 Peaks Trail Running #3 (6.8k or 13.6k) **

July 25 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 5 (5k or 10K)

August 01 // St. Paul, MN // Minnesota Half Marathon

August 08 // Fish Creek Park, AB, Canada // MEC 5 Peaks Trail Running #4 (9k or 16.5k)

August 16 // Calgary, AB, Canada // Spartan Race 5K **

September 12 // Canmore, AB, Canada // MEC 5 Peaks Trail Running #5 (6.8k or 14.5k or 21.1k)

September 13 // Drumheller, AB, Canada // Dinosaur Half Marathon **

September 26 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 6 (5k or 10K or 15K)

October 17 // Calgary, AB, Canada // MEC Calgary Race 7 (5k or 10K or 21.1K)

October 18 // Denver, CO, USA // Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll

October 25 // Vancouver, BC, Canada // Vancouver Rock ‘n’ Roll **

November 09 // Calgary, AB, Canada // Last Chance Half Marathon



Let go of my mental limits!

Run 600 miles!

Run 4 half marathons!

Run at least one trail race!

Run one local 5K and 10K race!

Break 25 minutes in the 5K!

Introduce and maintain strength training in my weekly workouts!

Be a stellar ambassador for the 2015 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon series!!!


What are some of your 2015 Fitness Goals?



4 thoughts on “Leave It All On The Road // 2015 Running Resolutions

  1. Wow Jen, you have a fabulous year of running planned out!! You’re going to have a great year!! You’re so dedicated!! Way to rock it! Love your goals!! XOXO

    • Hi Crystal! Yah….key word being *wish* – lol! It’s still fun for me to have a list of all the potential races in case something comes up, or I change plans. I’m so sorry to hear about your NEVER-ENDING cold….ugh. I hope you feel better soon!!! xoxo

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