ABC’s of CALGARY // A: Armengol Statues

Welcome to my new “ABC’s of Calgary” Sunday series!  My goal is to show you around my new-ish home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Although I’ve now lived here for a year, I’m always finding something new and exciting to try!  And what is better for that than an ABC series?!  I’m not sure if I’ll really stick to posting one letter each week. If there’s not much on a certain letter, I may just skip it or present two locations on another day.  Currently, my Sunday posts have a way of being “non-existent,” and I want to change that.  So from now on it’s all about Calgary – from A to Zed!

Armengol Statues (aka: Family of Man)

515 Macleod Trail SE

Family of Man is a 21 feet tall set of sculptures that were created exclusively to be displayed at the British Pavilions at Expo 67.  These sculptures were designed by Mario Armengol to portray the way Britain handles international responsibilities specifically challenges in the form of world problems.  Mario Armengol expertly depicts two different moods through these sculptures namely the dominating nature of man and a feeling of dependence and insignificance, a completely contradictory mood.  In spite of being 21 feet tall, these sculptures reflect raceless, naked and expressionless human women and men. All sculptures are combined in groups and each one of them extend their hands in gesture of goodwill and fellowship.  They’re all interacting with each other.  They’re all naked. They seem playful and happy!  After the Expo 67 concluded, the sculptures were bought on behalf of Maxwell Cummings and Sons by Robert Cummings. It was donated to Calgary by this company later. The City of Calgary appointed a special committee to review and identify the best site for these statues, which is now the Calgary Education Center.


 When’s the last time you explored your city like a tourist?!


6 thoughts on “ABC’s of CALGARY // A: Armengol Statues

  1. What a great post – I have driven by these several times and wondered what these sculptures were all about:) Looking forward to B!

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