I believe…

Hello friends!  Happy MLK Day to my American friends – and happy Monday to everyone else!   I’ve been having fun with some blogger link-ups lately – mainly because they come up with the topic and I just have to write!  So today’s link-up, brought to you by the wonderful Megan & Amanda, is called “I Believe…” in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. – one of the most famous believers in American history.  The rules: You can be silly, serious, or anywhere in between.  Check out what I believe and then leave a comment below to tell me what you believe!



I believe I can fly…not really, but it was the very first thing that popped into my head!

I believe that laughter makes the heart grow fonder!

I believe everyone is weird in their own way…

I believe kids should respect their parents.

I believe people can be spiritual, yet not religious.

I believe the human body is one of the most amazing things in this world.

I believe that reading broadens your horizons.

I believe the moments you realize that “nothing will ever be the same again” are truly life defining.

I believe that too often we define ourselves by our “age” and not by how we want to live!

I believe in responsibility.

I believe that when something goes right, you should live in the moment and enjoy it for all it’s worth!

I believe that when something goes wrong, tomorrow is another day and you are a whole new person!

I believe in hometown values: hard work, loving your neighbor, investing in your community, and being grateful for all you’ve been given.

I believe that the things that frustrate you the most are the things that you later laugh about the most!

I believe strongly in “Me” time.

I believe that “Pro-Choice” does not make me “Anti-Life.”

I believe we should try something that scares us, at least once in our life!

I believe couples should not go to bed angry.

I believe in the power of naps.

I believe in coincidences…

I believe that if you don’t want the truth, don’t ask!

I believe that holding hands is one of the purest and simplest acts of love.

What are some of your beliefs?



8 thoughts on “I believe…

  1. I think this is the first post I’ve read all day where I’ve agreed with every single one of your beliefs!! (Hey, I can fly too! haha.) Thanks so much for linking up! 🙂

  2. My first entry on my “I Believe” post is the same as yours – ha!

    Great list! Spiritual, not religious – yes! Pro-choice does not mean anti-life – yes! Naps – yes!

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