Letter to my Past Self…

Time for another monthly link-up hosted by Kiki titled “Letters to our Past Self.”  I’ve had a post on this topic sitting in my draft folder since…oh…April 2014…so just knew this was a good venue.  The parameters were: Feel free to write a serious letter, a silly letter, or something in between.  You could choose to write to your past self as a child, teenager, or even last year’s self, too.  And if you’re bold, share an old photo, too!  And…it fits in perfectly with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her “Thursdays are for…Thinking Out Loud” series.


So I was talking with my mom early last year…and she reminded me that she had found a letter from me…to me…dated May 2000 with the title Future Self – Open in 10 Years.

Here is that letter (*with a few white-outs to protect names and/or sensitive info) – along with a pic of me in my prime – followed by what I would now write back to my Past Self sitting in PHS Room 307 in May 2000.


High School XC

High School XC

Dear Jen,

I know you’re anxiously reading this letter, so concerned about who wrote it that you’re considering scrolling to the end to see the signature, so surprise, it’s you, fifteen years into the future!  You’re currently a junior in high school, and, spoiler alert, everything turns out ok 🙂

As cliché as it sounds, start listening to your inner passions NOW.  You are very smart, very versatile, and easily drawn in many directions.  This will certainly help you along the road, but I think having a lil’ bit more “directed passion” will build your confidence in the many random and fun tasks and jobs you complete over the years.

You are competitive by nature.  And you know what…be completely okay with that!  Get to know it as one of your strengths.  It can be a great internal motivator.  And it can help you motivate others.  It can also push you in directions that may be off the beaten path – but will lead you to amazing places and unique opportunities.

You were never one for many friendships at once…instead there were always a select few that were near and dear to the heart.  Just so you know, that doesn’t change through college or early adult life.  Just continue to cherish those few close friendships – they are, and always will be, fierce and loyal and love you to the moon and back!

A lil’ nudge with something you always regretted – when you come home for breaks and holidays in college, spend time with your brother.  Go to the movies, sit around and chat, just be there with him.  Get to know him as a young man – help shape him – and let him into your life.

If I could improve one practical thing for your future self – learn how to cook!  To be honest, you aren’t very good at it.  🙂  But it is a life-long skill that you will learn to appreciate.  And although you may not have a lot of passion around it now, it will be very useful in married life, for work/social events, and for your continued quest to stay healthy!

You are so kind and loving and patient.  Almost to a fault.  But do not let that deter you from achieving what YOU want to do in life.  You are so attentive to others, and quite wonderful at seeing what they need.  Which in turns means you are also great at helping them achieve happiness.  This always has been, and always will be, something that makes you extremely happy.  But remember to give yourself small wins along the way.  Travel.  Learn photography.  Read books.  Ask for those promotions.

Please, don’t stop running!  You will be tempted, after a minor injury at the end of senior year track season…and again freshman year of college….but please, please, please, stay strong and motivated.  You do eventually choose to run again, as an adult, but who knows as to what heights you can reach if you stick with it!

Stop being so hard on yourself!!!  As life would have ityou don’t always know best…so maybe start to listen to advice…and be less naive.  (Well, try to be, I’m afraid it’s just your nature!)  Which means, you can start to give yourself a little more credit – you’re not half as bad as you may think you are!

And finally, enjoy these years as they go by!!!  You laugh now when mom talks about how much faster the years go by the older you get.  But dang, it’s true!!!  When you turn 25, then 30 again in the blink of an eye,  it will be almost as hard to imagine being back in high school as it is to imagine life beyond college now!  So worry less and live in the moments!!!

Love always, YOU and ME.

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3 thoughts on “Letter to my Past Self…

  1. “worry less and live in the moment” yes sound advice!! 🙂 i wish i had learned to cook at an early age too! and how neat that you wrote your future self a letter too way back when! 🙂

  2. I feel like this letter was written to me! I’m definitely a people-pleasing girl who makes things hard on myself. Let’s just say that those two qualities definitely make things harder than they need to be–but I have a feeling your past self can relate! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for those sweet reminders, even if they weren’t addressed to me. 🙂

  3. I love that you decided to write about not giving up after those setbacks. It’s something that I have to remind myself of too. Thanks for linking up! I enjoyed reading your post 🙂


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