Leave It All On The Road // 02.23.2015 // RnR Portland Half Training Base #2

Hello friends!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap!


{ Feb 16 – Feb 22, 2015 }

Walking – 4 miles
Biking – NA
Elliptical – NA
Stairs – NA
Running – 7.25 miles
Strength + Core – 2 sessions

{ Fitness Notes }


02.16 – Rest

02.17 – Rest

02.18 –  Rest

02.19 – 4.15 mile run + Strength/Core

  • 1 mile walk to work – AM
  • Dynamic stretching
  • 0.5 mile warm-up walk
  • 4.15 mile run along Eau Claire river path
  • 0.5 mile cool-down walk
  • Strength + Core
  • Static stretching

02.20 – Rest

02.21 – Skiing

02.22 – 3.1 mile treadmill run + Strength

  • Dynamic stretching
  • 1 mile warm-up walk
  • 3.1 mile run
  • 1 mile cool-down walk
  • Strength + Core
    • 2×10 @10lbs Bicep Curl into Overhead Press
    • Bench Press: 8 reps @65lbs
  • Static stretching

{ Weekly Chase Link-Up }

I’m linking up with Road Runner Girl for The Weekly Chase and with Jesica from rUnladylike for Week-in-Review, in the hopes that setting weekly goals will help keep me on track throughout the week!

What I’m most proud of:

Not freaking out about a low mileage week.  I went on a spontaneous girls day trip to ski at Lake Louise…and it was amazing!  I knew I wouldn’t get in my long run on Saturday or Sunday – but I count the day as an amazing cross-training opportunity.  Sometimes life happens.  Now I just have to ensure that I do not get lazy and make a habit of it!

Where I struggled:

Motivating myself to run.  I have no idea what happened the first half of the week…why Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ended up as non-run days.  All I have to say is that I seriously lacked the motivation to get out there.  I kept telling myself…I’ll go tomorrow.  Maybe add an extra mile.  And then tomorrow would come…and I would repeat the cycle in my head.

Thought for the week ahead:

Do it NOW.  Sometimes later becomes never. ~ Les Mills

Last week’s goals:

Goal #1: Run 14 miles this week!  Can I make it two weeks in a row?!  Ended my week with Half my goal distance – a whopping 7.25 miles.

Goal #2: Continue to focus on core strength.  As I’ve been pretty consistent with at least some core exercises throughout the last couple of week, I want to up my game a bit and complete an actual core routine or two this week. Complete!  One core workout video.

Goal #3: Try making something new for lunch. I have a ton of food inspirations via Pinterest….now I just gotta turn one of those into an actual meal.  Complete!  Detailed post coming soon…but I made a Turkey and Apple Pita Pocket!  And it was DELISH!

This week’s goals:

Goal #1: Run. My. Goal. Mileage!  That would be 16 miles.

Goal #2: Try a new healthy recipe (or two) from Pinterest.  I have lots to choose from!

Goal #3: Cross-train.  I don’t know what happened….but stairs, bike, elliptical, etc. have disappeared from my fitness realm.  I was doing so good for the first 5-6 weeks of the year….time to bring it back!

So that’s my plan for the week!  I hope you have a great week crushing your goals!

PS – Rock’n’Roll PHILLY was just announced – October 31, 2015!  Sign-ups are open on Thursday, February 26th.  The cost is $55 for the first 1,000 entrants.  Due to the low pre-sale cost, my discount code will not be available until after the pre-sale ends.  However, you can still use SHOESTRINGS on any other R’n’R race to save yourself $15!

How is YOUR fitness training going?




2 thoughts on “Leave It All On The Road // 02.23.2015 // RnR Portland Half Training Base #2

  1. Motivation is funny sometimes. Some weeks we are bursting with it and other weeks we’re not. Put the few rest days and low running mojo days behind you and just focus on moving forward. When you’re feeling low motivation, think about how amazing it feels when the workout is done, and channel that to get you out the door. We’re always so happy after we get it done when we’ve decided to do it. Thanks for linking up! Cheering you on this week virtually. xoxo

  2. I have so many recipes to try on Pinterest too! I’ve found some great recipes. My training’s going well. I’m adding in a lot more strength, which has helped my running a lot. Sometimes staying motivated is hard, though! I feel ya, sister!

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