The Story Behind My Blog

Hello friends!  Today I’m linking up with Kiki for another round of her monthly link-up: The Circle! Get more details about this link-up here. This month’s prompt is: the story behind our blog.  This is something that I, as a reader, really love discovering when I come across a new blog, and it’s something that I have not written about recently.


{ The Name }

The Lady Okie hit the nail on the head when she stated in her blog post, “It’s surprisingly hard to come up with a name for a blog…”  I first came upon the blogging sphere when my college friend Kimi started her blog.  I was loving the idea of a *personal space on the interwebs* I hadn’t really taken to journaling or writing since my senior year of high school…and it seemed like the right time.  I wanted a way to really keep in touch with my family and share with them the experiences that I was living!  I knew that the hubby and I would be moving every 3-4 years, and that we would have an opportunity (or two or three) to live abroad, and I wanted to document everything.  So, I started playing around with names.  I can’t even tell you how many mundane names I thought of…I really, really, really wanted something super catchy and witty…some play on words, or a unique derivation of my name….but I ultimately fell back on the fact that I LOVE dreaming of travel and unique places and discovering unique cultures.  And, I had also started running the summer before.  Running used to *just be* a natural part of me, but I had fallen away from it all over the years.  So in a sense, I wanted to give myself permission, on a daily basis, to embrace my daydreams and my running dreams!

{ So What Exactly is Daydreams & Shoestrings? }

A place for you to explore my DAYDREAMS as a writer, wife, traveler, and homeowner – and help me tie my SHOESTRINGS as a gal rediscovering her passion for running.

{ About the Blog }

Daydreams & Shoestrings began in January 2011 as a way to share my first half marathon experience, fitness tips, and random musings with my friends and family.  I was living in Louisiana at the time, and trying to live a healthy, balanced life, while also enjoying some of life’s little indulgences, such as Mardi Gras, Gumbo, and Mint Juleps.  Along with a focus on living an active and healthy life, my blog follows my daily adventures with my hubby Nick, and our insanely spoiled orange polydactyl cat, Mario.  (<– No, polydactyl does not mean DINOSAUR! but “many-toed” – as in – 7 toes on each paw!)

The first couple of years, my blog had a really strong focus on {Daydreams}, mostly about the places to go, all the things to see, and learn, and do.  I often hear about a new place or see a picture – and it’ll turn into the only thing I can think about!  So to be honest, my Daydream List is just that – a list of adventures and places that would otherwise fill my bulletin boards, drawers, and notebooks.  It includes rugged terrain and serene beaches, oceanic endeavors and oriental exploration — anything and everything that makes my heart beat faster.  It is not a bucket list, there is no box to be checked, or expectation to be filled.  Instead, it is a list of opportunities, and I hope to take on several of them in my lifetime.

Since documenting that first journey to a half marathon, I have since completed EIGHT half marathons!  I’ve noticed a shift in my writing, from the novelty of first experiences to the documentation of weekly training, and the ups and downs of maintaining a certain level of fitness.  I’ve also made some strong connections in the online running community.  It seems to have become my niche.

{ About the Blogger }

My name is Jen and this is my life story…  I’m a 30-something year old and working in the oil & gas industry.  I was born in Florida, but grew up in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and attended college in Ohio.  I had the most amazing, wonderful opportunity to intern in Washington, D.C. at The World Bank.  About a year and a half after school, I got engaged and moved to California.  After 4 years in sunny, southern California, the hubs and I got transferred to the great south – Louisiana.  Our most recent adventure is our first international assignment in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!  I continue to blog about fitness, daydream travels, books, and things that make me happy – but now I have the added bonus of experiencing life as an Expat!

What’s the story behind your blog name?




5 thoughts on “The Story Behind My Blog

  1. I loved reading this and how all pieces of your name tie together! You’ve also been on quite the adventure from coast to coast and now Canada! Congrats on the eight half marathons… that is awesome! I’ve recently started running again and look forward to exploring more on your blog! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading this, and what a great idea for a link-up. I am fascinated that you’ve lived in so many states and now Canada. I think sometimes so many people get stuck in one geographical area and aren’t open to explore the opportunities of living somewhere new.

  3. Ooh, I love your blog name! I love that it not only is a part of your dreams as a creative and person in general but also because it’s got ties to your passion as a runner, too. 🙂 I have loved reading everyone’s stories in this month’s link-up and yours did not disappoint!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. You have a very cool blog name! Perfect for an adventurer. 😀 My husband and I want to start running – we’ll probably never be marathoners, but we love kayaking and biking and we recently found out about these events that combine all three!

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