Thinking Out Loud // 03.19.2015

Hello friends!  I’m joining up again with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her “Thursdays are for…Thinking Out Loud” series.  What’s in it for me?  A brain dump.  What’s in it for you?  Total randomness!  Enjoy!

TOMORROW’S FRIDAY!!! ‘Nuff said.

BIRTHDAY 1: Today I am 32. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?! I’ve just decided that I’m going to stay 27 forever.  I’ll let you know how that works out.  

Thanks Google!

Thanks Google!

BIRTHDAY 2: And my hubby’s birthday is in 5 days.  He thinks he’s funny when he calls me a Cougar….


REDEMPTION.  However, the hubby does an amazing job at redeeming himself….he surprised me at the office this morning with this STUNNING bouquet of Birthday flowers 🙂


FEVER.  I’ve got a fever, guys. SPRING FEVER!  You see, last winter was brutal, so the fact that it’s only snowed 3 or 4 times here this year has been pretty shocking.  In fact, the last couple of weeks in Calgary have been absolutely gorgeous, and it definitely makes me even more excited that spring is just around the corner (officially)!   That means consistently warmer weather, cute dresses, hikes in the mountains, summer vacation planning, and lots of lunches/dinners on patios!

5-PIN BOWLING.  That’s right friends…I’m about to embark on a new Canadian adventure – 5-pin bowling this Friday night!!!  According to Wikipedia: “Five-pin bowling is a bowling variant which is played only in Canada, where many bowling alleys offer it, either alone or in combination with ten-pin bowling. It was devised around 1909 by Thomas F. Ryan in Toronto, Ontario, at his Toronto Bowling Club, in response to customers who complained that the ten-pin game was too strenuous. He cut five ten-pins down to about 75% of their size, and used hand-sized hard rubber balls, thus inventing the original version of five-pin bowling.”  I can’t wait to share the fun with you!!!


BLOG LOVE: I am LOVING this post by Rebecca at Living Better Together.  I didn’t realize you could do this…

via: Living Better Together

via: Living Better Together

TOP #RUNNING BLOGGERS.  I was recently featured on a post by fellow runner and blogger Matt (The Runner Dad), who has posted some great mini bios for you to explore from the 2015 Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series #RocknBlog Team.  I will be doing a follow-up post so that I can also share the love to my fellow teammates, but if you want a sneak peek of my feature, you can check it out HERE!


CYCLING THROUGH CANADA.  A co-worker’s daughter recently came to our work to give a presentation on her documentary, “Cycling the Trans-Canada, A Journey of Kindness.”  On April 22, 2013 Shannon Hutchison and Caley Fox pedaled off from St. John’s, Newfoundland on two tandem bikes to discover the people and land of Canada. They trekked over 7,600 km to Victoria, British Columbia and what they uncovered was the uniqueness, warmth and kindness of Canadians.  Check out some of her beautiful pics HERE!  Although I, personally, would never embark on such a journey without research and practice…she took the bull by the horns and just “made it happen.”  And I find it truly Amazing that they covered the entire country in 77 days!

CALGARY COLOR ME RAD 5K!  I just signed up for this race (June 27th) …my first one of its kind!  It isn’t timed and it’s a great excuse to get together with your buddies and have some fun.  There’s a big group of bloggers that have signed up for the 10 am wave, so if you’re local, you should join us!  And if you’re interested in taking advantage of a $24 dollar deal (while it lasts) click HERE.  I’m excited to meet up with Jen (Pretty Little Grub), Leana (Runner Leana), Ange (Cowgirl Runs), Jo (Living Mint Green), Sam (Better with Sprinkles), and Kaella (Kaella on the Run)!

GIVEAWAYS!  First, I recently won a giveaway from Rebecca at Living Better Together!  My prize…a beautiful Isaac Mizrahi Loretta Wristlet And for even more exciting news…I have a couple of giveaways coming up soon!  I was recently contacted by a new company, Cordskinz, to review their project.  Running…music…no more tangled headphones…absolutely!  I also have a pair to give away to one lucky reader!  AND…with all this lovely Spring Cleaning going on, I’ve decided to clean up my bookshelves!  I will be gathering up some good reads I’ve collected this year, and pass along to some lucky readers 🙂  I look forward to sharing with you all!



What’s on your mind?




9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud // 03.19.2015

  1. Happy birthday!! I’m not sure that I’ll be running the Colour Me Rad race (it is tough timing with training for the Calgary 70.3). Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up at another race soon though!

    • Thank you, Leana! I saw your message on Twitter about hoping to meet-up afterwards…I hope so!!! 🙂 And if not, then there’s always another race! I’m pretty such I’m doing the Calgary half as well…and I’d love to do a MEC trail race this year too! Lots of choices! xoxo.

  2. Just found your blog through ToL, it’s awesome! A little tip – my mom has turned 25 every year since I can remember, with just a few extra years of “experience” tacked on. I still remember going with my dad to get her cake for her 40th…it said 25 really large, with “15 years of experience” in smaller letters on the bottom 🙂

  3. I’m so happy you’re coming to Color me Rad so we can meet!
    Also, I had no idea that 5 pin bowling was only a canadian thing. That’s the only bowling I know! I did 10 pin bowling like once or twice in my life but its always been 5 pin for me. Have fun giving it a try. I hope its neon bowling because nothing says party like black lights and bumping 90s music!

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