Meet the 2015 #RockNBlog Team!


pic via: The Runner Dad

Hello friends!  Have you been looking for some new running/fitness blogs to inspire you and fill you with motivation?  Fellow runner and blogger Matt from The Runner Dad has posted some great mini bios for you to explore from the 2015 Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series #RocknBlog Team.

Top #Running Bloggers – Week 1 // Top #Running Bloggers – Week 2 // Top #Running Bloggers – Week 3 // Top #Running Bloggers – Week 4 // Top #Running Bloggers – Bonus Week

So get ready to like, follow, and subscribe!  You can check out the full bios in the links above…or feel free to click on a blog name below that intrigues you.

Blog: From Dancing to Running
Blog: Run Megan Run
Blog: 30 Something Mother Runner
Blog: Live.Do.Grow.
Blog: Running with Attitude
Blog: Do Things Always
Blog: Lora Hogan
Blog: Slow is the New Fast
Blog: Running Large
Blog: MCM Mama Runs
Blog: Beauty and the Beets
Blog: My Baking Heart
Blog: Breathe Deeply and Smile
Blog: Marcia’s Healthy Slice
Blog: Weight Off My Shoulders
Blog: Journey to a Healthier ME!
Blog: This Mama Runs for Cupcakes
Blog: Mommy Runs It
Blog: We Run Disney
Blog: Vegan on the Run
Blog: Jen Chooses Joy
Blog: Run DMT
Blog: Scootadoot
Blog: You Signed Up For WHAT?!
Blog: Go Girl


A team of absurdly fun people who love to share their passion for health & fitness all over the Internet. They are digital warriors spreading the word of rock, experts in making running look ridiculously fun, and masters of taking selfies!


Rock ‘n’ Blog members are part of the team for one year and their goal is to get everyone as pumped about running Rock ‘n’ Roll events as they are. From letting you know what the latest and greatest news is, hosting tweet-ups, to that high-five at the finish line. The Rock ‘n’ Roll experience is about more than just race weekend and Rock ‘n’ Blog members are there every step of the way!

And of course, there’s me!


Jen K
Social Media Links: 
Years running/ years blogging:
4 years – Check out my post HERE!
What my blog is about:
My tag line is: A place for you to explore my DAYDREAMS as a writer, wife, and traveler– and help me tie my SHOESTRINGS as a gal rediscovering her passion for running!  In reality: I blog about fitness, daydream travels, books, and things that make me happy.  I also have the added bonus of experiencing life as an Expat – I’m an American living in Canada!
Favorite running moment:
The first time I broke the time barrier.  Wait…what?!  Let me rewind to February 15, 2011.  “I was so excited (and nervous) to complete my first ‘long run’.  I am a super competitive person, so I have a hard time just lacing up my sneaks for a relaxing, long run. For some reason, I have 3 miles stuck in my head, and every run has been to do JUST 3 miles – only a little faster each time! And so, I end up never reaching 30 minutes…or beyond. I remember back in high school when we used to do long runs one day a week…and I loved those days…randomly running zigzags through the neighborhoods…encouraging each other that yes, we CAN finish this!  Why couldn’t I do that again, I thought?  So on Wednesday, I hung up the competitive shoes and put on the fun-run shoes, figuratively speaking.  I set my sights on completing a 30 minute run…AND…I took my average pace per mile and added a minute to it for my goal pace.  Yes…I forced myself to run at a slower pace…and yes, at first, my feet were itching to go a lil’ faster.  But once I got my play list going, I fell right into step with the set per mile pace.  And when 30 minutes came, I decided to go ahead and do 35 minutes!  And it felt GREAT!  And so, I broke the time barrier!  My mental time barrier, that is.”
Favorite race fuel:
Strawberry GU Chomps and Cherry Blossom Honey Stingers are my go-to’s during long runs/training runs/half marathons!  I have also really come to like the VEGA SPORT Endurance Gel (Raspberry) before runs.
Running goals for 2015:
Run 600 miles!

Run 4 half marathons!

Run at least one trail race!

Run one local 5K and 10K race!

Break 25 minutes in the 5K!

Be a stellar ambassador for the 2015 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon series!!!

Why people should follow my blog / social media channels:
I’m real.  I blog about the good parts and the messy parts.  Of running and of life.  I love serendipity, nostalgia, traveling, good friends, coincidences, red wine in big glasses, and doing things I’ve never done before.  And I LOVE sharing my experiences!




2 thoughts on “Meet the 2015 #RockNBlog Team!

    • You’re welcome…connecting with new blogs is always fun!!! The RnR races are so much fun….SO VERY many people! But they have live bands along the way…and it’s all so motivating! PS…they just announced Brooklyn for Oct. 10th! I ran my first RnR in New Orleans (which is where I was living before), so it made it a bit more fun to enjoy the race! Let me know if you decide to try one! I’d love to follow your journey! 🙂 Have great day.

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