Leave It All On The Road // 03.23.2015 // RnR Portland Half Training #4

Hello friends!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap.  54 days until the Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon – officially less than 2 months!!!  Mileage was back on the “positive” side this week, but I still only completed 3 runs…and none of them were as scheduled!!!  The hubby has been a bit stifled by his work the last couple of weeks, so he was feeling pretty down and out this weekend about not getting in the mileage that he aimed for over the last month.  We both marked off the days on our training calendar, and made a commitment to be more focused over the next eight weeks.  Cross your fingers that we can get back on track!!!


{ Mar 16 – Mar 22, 2015 }

Walking – 9 miles
Biking – NA
Elliptical – NA
Stairs – NA
Yoga – 1
Strength/Core – NA
Running – 14 miles

{ Fitness Notes: Schedule vs. Actual }


03.16 – Yoga

  • 45 minute Iyengar Yoga class

03.17 – Rest

03.18 –  4.5 mile easy run

  • 0.5 mile warm-up walk
  • 4.5 mile outdoor run along Bow River (9:22/mile pace)
  • 0.5 mile cool-down walk
  • 1 mile walk home (PM)

03.19 – Active Rest

  • 1 mile walk to work (AM)

03.20 – Sprints! 3 × 0.50 mile repeats on treadmill (3.25 miles total)

  • 0.5 mile warm-up walk
  • 0.5 mile warm-up jog @6.0  – 10:00/mile pace
  • 0.50 mile sprints, followed by 0.25 mile recovery jogs @5.5
    • (1) @7.5 – 8:00/mile pace
    • (1) @7.6 – 7:54/mile pace
    • (1) @7.7 – 7:48/mile pace
  • 0.5 mile cool-down jog @6.0  – 10:00/mile pace
  • 0.5 mile cool-down walk

03.21 – Active Rest

  • 2.64 mile walk

03.22 –  6.25 mile “long” run

  • 1.4 mile warm-up walk
  • 6.25 mile treadmill run @6.5 (9:13/mile pace)
  • 1.0 mile cool-down walk

{ Weekly Chase Link-Up }

I’m linking up with Road Runner Girl for The Weekly Chase and with Jesica from rUnladylike for Week-in-Review, in the hopes that setting weekly goals will help keep me on track throughout the week!

What I’m most proud of:

Not giving up on my weekly Sprints!  I didn’t get around to doing my scheduled sprint workout until Friday…which is a highly unusual day for sprints for me…but I didn’t get around to doing them earlier in the week and I didn’t want to give myself any more excuses.

Where I struggled:

I had a really shitty week.  I therefore allowed my emotions to get the better of me, and literally “chose” not to run.  On most days.  The thing is, I think I really, really, really should have gone out.  I believe I would have benefited from the stress-release…the “happy” endorphins…the excuse to get out of my own head.  Why is it that when we really need to run the most, is often the time we put it on the back burner???

Thought for the week ahead:


Oomph…I read this and immediately thought… I need to do better. I must do better.  I am NOT ok with not sticking to my training…with not improving my running or my strength…I need to BE more.

Last week’s goals:

Goal #1: Get back to strength training!  I would like to ensure I complete at least 3 strength-training sessions this week. – #FAIL

Goal #2: Work on Plank.  Current plank is 45-60 seconds. Continue to strengthen. #FAIL

This week’s goals:

Goal #1: Nail every workout this week! 

Goal #2: Get back to strength training!  I’d be ok with 2 strength-training sessions this week.

How is YOUR fitness training going?




5 thoughts on “Leave It All On The Road // 03.23.2015 // RnR Portland Half Training #4

  1. Hey Jen!! I love the thought! It’s a great one! It’s definitely hard to put all the different elements together- working out, yoga, running, etc. You should be proud that you are setting goals and willing to put the hard work in. You already put lots of hard work in! You’re tough!! Awesome! XOXO

    • HI Kristin – Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I forgot to mention that I love your new blog layout. where have I been…I don’t know – maybe in Never Never Land….but hopefully I’ll be stopping by more to say hello!!! I hope you have a great day 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks Beth…I don’t know why…but it was a really, really bad week that just permeated into everything! But…there are bad weeks…and luckily, the good weeks FAR outweigh them 🙂 Thanks for your positive messages and the hug – you’re the best!!! xoxo.

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