We go back….way back #HappyBirthday


My hubby and I go back.  Way back.  Like all the way to twelve years old and in elementary school back.  I’ll wait for the collective “Awwwww.”  So cute.  So young!


6th grade

I’m sure we really didn’t even really know what “dating” was in 6th grade, but we sure liked to sit together during assemblies and hold hands on the bus!  I think we were most excited to be “going out” with someone!  We continued talking on the phone throughout the first half of the summer before heading into junior high, but our budding young love seemed to fade into the background of all the new friends and classes.  We remained friends over the next few years, until 9th grade, where the spark was once again ignited!  Our status upgraded to boyfriend/girlfriend.  Again, as summer neared an end, and all the anxieties of entering “high school” were upon us, we drifted apart as a couple.  Over the next couple of years, we would randomly find ourselves in the same classes, making each other laugh and putting in our two cents about our latest love life.  Little did we know that we were setting ourselves up for the best “what I want/need” advice for our future selves.  We started “officially” dating our senior year of high school.  It all started when he asked me if I wanted to come over so he could help me with Calculus.  I said I would go if he could promise to turn the abc’s into xyz’s and help me ace my next test! We made a deal and that’s pretty much how it started.

I went to his baseball games…he watched my track meets…we cheered on our school football and basketball teams.  We even went to prom our senior year.


12th grade

Just a cat, an apartment, our first house, a condo, 3 states and 2 countries, seven anniversaries, TWENTY YEARS, and many experiences and friends later…we’re still here! And, seriously, every year gets better and better!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Remember that your BEST years are still ahead of you and I’ll be there for you ALWAYS.  Cheers to many new adventures at the young age of 32!!

PS – How can you not smile with this grin?


Happy Birthday!!!




6 thoughts on “We go back….way back #HappyBirthday

  1. Oh I just love this! I met my husband when I was 15, and he was 18. So scandalous at the time! We dated for 5 years, spent a year an a half apart until I realized “wtf am I doing?! This is the man for me.” We got back together and got married and our first baby is now 5 days overdue (joy). I’m so lucky to have met my life partner so young and I couldn’t imagine going through the world with someone else by my side! I love it when I meet other couples who have truly lasted the test of time ❤

    • Agree…so scandalous!!! hehe. But I love it!!! I don’t know what took me so long to respond back to you…but hopefully by now you are one happy mama enjoying your new bundle of joy!!!! 🙂 xoxo Cheers to you and your hubby!!!

  2. This is adorable, I love stories like this! My life certainly isn’t following the same path, I’m sure my future guy will be someone I’ve never met – but I have a few friends who are like this and it is just amazing how knowing someone so well can be such a help in difficult times (and a joy in good ones!)

    • Thanks for the note!!! 🙂 Yah…we’ve definitely had our ups and downs…but I can’t imagine life without him. And I think finding someone new is just as exciting…look at all the amazing things you will get to share with eachother 🙂 xoxo. Have a great day!

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